When truck drivers have to work long days driving on highways, it is possible that they can suddenly lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident

A fatal truck accident on Interstate Highway 8 in Yuma, Arizona involved a large truck that was transporting cattle. 

Truck driver is killed in rollover accident

The Arizona Department of Transportation initially reported a crash on I-8 westbound near Yuma at mile marker 20 near Telegraph Pass. All of the lanes nearby were shut down for an extended period of time. 

A later update confirmed that a semi truck was involved, and that the driver of that vehicle died at the scene. Workers at the scene investigated and reported that at about 11:30 am that morning, the truck suddenly rolled over into the adjacent lanes. No one else appeared to be affected aside from the truck driver, and no other vehicle damage or injuries were reported. The fire department was able to clear enough of the debris to open one lane a short time later. 

A full investigation was still planned, as the exact cause of the cause of the accident and the driver’s death were still unknown. 

Driving long distances and truck accidents

Whenever a truck driver needs to transport any kind of goods or materials long distances on a highway, there is the possibility of a serious collision. Regulations for issuing licenses to commercial drivers and limiting the number of hours that they can drive in a single day are all related to these problems, and the government does take an active role in attempting to minimize the possibility of fatal highway accidents. 

Lawsuits against a careless trucking company

Businesses that own fleets of vehicles are constantly sued for not following these kinds of regulations and allowing their drivers to continue working, even if it is technically illegal to do so. When a trucking company violates traffic laws or violates regulations for commercial drivers, this evidence may help the plaintiff in the lawsuit prove that the business breached its standard duty of care and was negligent.

A civil lawsuit will help the victim collect lost money related to medical care and hospital bills, missed time from work, and any kind of emotional trauma or pain that can be tied back to the accident. A conversation with an attorney should be the first step in finding out more about how these factors may be relevant in your case and if a lawsuit is necessary based on your personal situation. 

Learn more about truck accidents and civil lawsuits

There are lawyers in Yuma who focus their practice on helping people after all kinds of motor vehicle collisions. To speak with a local attorney about the possibility of a lawsuit, contact:

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