Mechanical failure, falling debris, and reckless driving are common causes of dump truck crashes.

Truck wreck lawyer shares facts about dump truck accidents in New York

New York, NY- Dump trucks are not as numerous as tractor-trailers, but motorists in New York encounter them daily, if not weekly. Most of the time, commercial trucks, and autos share the road with no problem, but accidents do occur. In this article, our team of injury attorneys will share facts about dump truck accidents.

Why are dump trucks hazardous?

Dump trucks aren’t as large as tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks, but they can be heavy. That is because dump trucks are often carrying materials like dirt, large rocks, debris and building materials. Because of a dump truck’s weight and the materials these vehicles transport, they can be a hazard on the road if a negligent or careless driver is at the wheel and can cause catastrophic damage if an involved in a wreck.

Causes of dump truck accidents?

Reckless driving

All motorists are expected to follow traffic laws, dump truck operators included, but not everyone takes safety seriously and driver recklessly. Reckless driving includes speeding, running a red light, tailgating, drunken or drugged driving and lead to a tragic collision.

Victims of dump truck accidents face costly medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

Failing to yield

Many motorists encounter work zones and construction sites where dump trucks come and go. Drivers of these trucks have a duty to be cautious and mindful of other vehicles as the enter and exit a roadway. Sometimes dump truck drivers fail to yield to other motorists and cause a devastating crash.

Cargo falling from a vehicle

Dump trucks are often open and carrying heavy, oddly-shaped items that can be hard to secure under the best circumstances. It is not unusual for debris and large objects to fall off dump trucks and hit other motorists.

Failing to maintain a vehicle

Dump trucks carry heavy loads, so they need to be in good working order, but sadly many drivers and vehicle owners let maintenance fall to the wayside. If brakes, wheels or another component of a truck are not in proper working order, a deadly or injurious crash can occur, and the truck owner or driver can be

You need the assistance of a truck accident lawyer if you want a successful truck accident claim.

If a critical component, such as the brakes, tires, wheels, or steering column fail while the vehicle is in motion and cause an accident, the truck owner can be held liable for any damages that result from the accident.

A wreck with a dump truck or other commercial vehicle can cost a victim their life or well-being and leave them with piles of costly bills. Medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, property repair and loss of wages can add up, and victims soon find themselves drowning in accident-related debt. But with legal representation

If you are the victim of a dump truck accident, USAttorneys recommends you speak with a truck wreck attorney in New York. You can set up a consultation and learn what you need to do to recover compensation for your pain and suffering. Our team of injury lawyers understands turmoil a family goes through following a major truck accident. Call today and set up a consultation with one of USAttorneys’ legal team.