As the weather gets colder, the conditions on the road get a lot more dangerous as well. Recently in Wyoming, a storm resulted in multiple injuries on the highway. Over 100 vehicles, both regular and commercial were involved in crashes that resulted in the interstate being shut down in both directions. The number of injuries was so high that the hospital nearby had a difficult time keeping up with all the new patients.

Bad weather can result in serious accidents, especially for larger vehicles such as trucks. Trucks are already difficult to maneuver in regular driving conditions. During a storm, the winds pick up and this results in increased instability for trucks. A serious accident with such a large vehicle often results in permanent injuries and fatalities as well.

If a truck accident occurs due to bad weather, a proper truck accident investigation must still be conducted to find out who was at fault. Though bad weather may work to reduce the amount of negligence a person is attributed to, drivers won’t have their bad driving excused for this reason.

If the driver was following all the traffic rules and the weather change was sudden, then the court may understand their situation as the collision was likely not their fault. However, if they were speeding and violating traffic rules, and they had gotten into their vehicle knowing the weather was bad outside, then they will be more at fault.

Wyoming, Litigating After Losing a Family Member in a Truck Accident

If anyone loses a loved one in a truck crash, they have the right to file a legal claim against the negligent party. A person may be entitled to litigate against the truck driver or the trucking company if someone they love is unable to survive a truck collision. When making such a claim, a person can recover damages for:

  • Loss of care
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of comfort
  • Loss of family income
  • Funeral expenses

If the deceased was a major contributor to the family income, then a person may be entitled to receive reimbursement for the financial strain they suffered.

If truck drivers are found guilty of not using their windshield wipers or they were driving with worn tires during a storm, then it is possible to hold them legally accountable for the damage that occurs due to the collision. Other offenses such as distracted driving and the failure to follow road signs can also be held against the truck driver and can be used to prove they were at fault.


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