Deadly Dump Truck CrashHouston, TX- There are approximately 5.5 million commercial trucks operating on highways across the U.S., according to And, unfortunately, accidents involving these large trucks tend to be twice as deadly as car accidents so victims who have lost a loved one need to know that they have a course of action they can pursue in order to get justice for their loss.

In the aftermath of a fatal crash, those who were injured or lost a loved one need expert advice and guidance. They know they want the at-fault parties to be held accountable and pay for the suffering they have caused, but don’t know where to turn. Our truck accident attorneys serving Houston have a solid track record of recovering optimal settlements for the clients they represent and will fight tenaciously to get you the justice you deserve.

Fatal truck accident victims can seek compensation for the medical and funeral expenses, along with their emotional distress, loss of companionship, and any financial hardships they encounter because of the untimely death of their loved one. Parents, children and spouses are allowed to file wrongful death claims; this includes adoptive parents and children. The state of Texas, however, does not allow siblings to file wrongful death claims.

With any injury or wrongful death claim, proving negligence is of utmost importance and the biggest hurdles for victims. Texas law allows citizens to file a wrongful death claim if a fatal truck accident was caused by “a wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, unskillfulness, or default.” Whether you want to settle your case out of court or are willing to go to trial, you need the help of an attorney to prove who was negligent and to what degree. Because they specialize in these types of accidents, a Houston truck accident attorney is capable of building and presenting a strong and convincing case on your behalf.

While a court determines the final settlement amount a truck accident victim receives, a truck accident attorney like Cal Potter with Potter Law Offices can have a huge impact on that amount. If your legal representative is able to show that a truck driver’s or a trucking company’s actions were especially egregious, they can recover a larger settlement for their clients. Egregious actions can include driving while impaired, distracted or fatigued or failing to repair a truck as needed. In such instances, a truck accident victim may be awarded punitive damages which serve to punish an at-fault driver or trucking company.

Our Houston truck accident attorneys understand that financial compensation won’t make the loss of your loved one any easier, but it can help you alleviate the exorbitant costs you face as a result of another’s reckless actions or inaction. They are also aware that a trucking company or insurer will fight tooth and nail to limit their liability and will do whatever it takes to discredit your wrongful death claim. Don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney specializing in truck accidents to be your champion and stand by your through every step of the process.