Yuma, AZ – Because individuals who drive commercial vehicles for a living spend several hours a day on the roads, there is a possibility of an accident while working. There have been trends where the number of accidents involving commercial drivers and truckers has increased as the roads become more crowded and traffic gets worse in metro areas across the United States. People who work as truck or commercial vehicle drivers should familiarize themselves with the process to get assistance and protect themselves if there is a lawsuit after an accident

Screening after a work accident

The employer may require a screening for drugs or alcohol after a collision that involves injuries, death, or serious property damage. Needless to say, driving under the influence is illegal and anyone who is convicted of this offense may lose their commercial driving privileges. Employers often do this to limit their own liability by saying that they will not be responsible for the criminal actions of their employees. 

Electronic records

Almost all trucks are now equipped with an electronic control module that records certain forms of data from the engine and the mechanical parts of the vehicle. This can become important evidence if the accident was actually caused by some kind of defective part or manufacturing error that affected the vehicle. The data may also include information about whether the driver applied their brakes properly, if they were speeding, and other crucial information that can decide the outcome of a lawsuit or insurance claim

Depending on the severity of the accident, the company may also require experts to examine the damage and possibly give testimony in court. These costs of legal defense can be a good investment if the business is facing serious liability. 

Related workers compensation issues

When someone is injured while working, they are also entitled to workers compensation. This is not the same as the damages paid out after a civil lawsuit, as workers compensation is only meant to cover the injured person’s lost wages. Employers are required by law to carry insurance that covers injured workers wages when they are not able to return to work. This is issued without question in most cases as long as the employee suffered a legitimate injury while performing their normal job duties. 

Speaking with a lawyer for personalized advice

The assistance of a lawyer who deals with motor vehicle accidents is always recommended after a truck collision. There are attorneys available who assist clients with issues related to motor vehicle accidents, personal injury law, and related driving issues. Schneider and Onofry is a firm that represents local clients in the Yuma area with tenacity and professionalism. 

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