Truckers and motorists traveling will encounter numerous work zones, so they need to be vigilant and pay careful attention to changes in the flow of traffic.

Little Rock, AR- Approximately 107 million Americans are going to hit the roads this Christmas, many of which will be traveling 50 miles or more, the American Automobile Association reports. Most of those motorists will be in passenger vehicles, but there will also be tons of commercial drivers working frantically to move goods. The dramatic increase in traffic will raise accident risks nationwide. For truckers and motorists in Arkansas, the jeopardy of being in a crash is heightened by the multitude of work zones throughout the state.

Work Zones in Arkansas

If you will be traveling through Arkansas Christmas and New Year’s, the weather isn’t going to be a problem, but the nearly 100 work zones may be. Road construction is happening all over the state and these work zones can make your travel a little slower.

Motorists will find work zones in the following areas around Little Rock:

Four areas of Highway 167 from Little Rock to Cabot

Eight construction zones on Interstate 40 to Memphis

ABC News reports that the Arkansas Department of Transportation is working to open as many lanes as possible.


There are many more work zones throughout the state, so they may be hard to avoid this holiday season. When you encounter a work zone this holiday, be sure to heed the speed limits. Don’t be impatient and leave early. Also, make sure to wear your seatbelt and put the cell phones away.

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Trucking Accidents in Work Zones

Anyone who has driven through a work zone knows they can be dangerous. Often fast-moving traffic is forced to slow down significantly in short time and share fewer lanes, often just one. Crashes in work zones only accounted for 1.6 percent of all traffic collisions in 2010, according to the Federal Highway Safety Administration. While that’s a small number of total crashes, those collisions translated to 574 deaths and 34,000 injuries.

A tractor-trailer crash that occurred in August in Virginia and led to a trucking company being closed down demonstrates the perils of work zones. The crash occurred as traffic on I-95 slowed down as they entered a work zone. can refer your case to a local truck accident attorney to give you an honest evaluation of your trucking injury claim.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that tractor-trailer traveling at 63 mph came about the slowed vehicles and slammed into the rear of a Jeep which was then pushed into the rear of another semi, killing one person and critically injuring another. The Jeep was only traveling five mph when it was hit, the FMCSA reports.

Call a Truck Accident Attorney in Little Rock

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