Unlike most jobs, there are certain ones in the field that increase a person’s chance of getting injuries or harmed. Take a truck driver’s job for instance. They spend most of their days on the roadways and are known to cover millions of miles each year. And as you are already aware, the roadway is a pretty scary place. Just think about all the major and massive collisions that have occurred and how many innocent lives have been taken on our roads. Because truckers spend so much of their time driving, they are already at an increased risk. And don’t forget about the size of these semi’s and tractor trucks either. That too makes for a disastrous accident in the event one occurs.

So, if you are a truck driver, have a family who may work in the field, or are trying to determine whether you need to hire a truck accident attorney in Fargo, ND because you have been in an accident, you may find some information below that is going to be beneficial to you.

Neck and back injuries are common in truck accidents and can lead to much more severe conditions if not treated.

Injuries that Occur While Being on the Job

The life of a trucker seems a little rough. After all, they have to spend more of their time on the road than with their family. In any event, it is important to be mindful of some of the common injuries truck drivers incur and what you can do if you have you have sustained an injury while on the job.

There are two categories that your injury can fall into: small tissue injuries and hard injuries.

A soft tissue injury may consist of:

  • Minor burns
  • Scrapes, bruises or cuts
  • Whiplash and back pain
  • Sprained muscles

A hard injury may include:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Second and third degree burns
  • Scarring
  • Herniated disc
  • Fractured and broken bones

What are My Options After Engaging in a Truck Accident

  1. Hire a truck accident attorney in Fargo, North Dakota

Truck accident lawyers help injury victims retain the funds they simply deserve. Many of these types of crashes are devastating ,leaving a trucker out of work for months. How are you expected to survive? This question is something your lawyer will address.

  1. File a worker’s compensation claim

If the accident occurred while driving your semi-truck, you may be able to file a worker’s compensation claim. Most employers are required to have this type of insurance and it will cover the medical costs you incur for treatment rendered for your injury. But what happens if those benefits aren’t enough?

  1. File a personal injury claim

If a negligent driver caused this accident and you have been forced to stop working, you are going to need some form of compensation that is going to help with your finances and medical expenses as well.  A personal injury claim can be filed to receive compensation for pain and suffering, loss of wages, loss of consortium, etc.

Whether you have suffered a soft-tissue injury or a hard injury, the fact is you suffered. It is important you receive the necessary medical care from those responsible for compensating you during this difficult time.