Some commercial vehicles or trucks cause large amounts of property damage and injuries when the driver is not careful enough. Multiple victims can all file a lawsuit against the person or business responsible to recover their losses. 

A serious crash that involved a school bus and a commercial truck in Gloucester County, New Jersey caused several people to be transported to a local hospital in Woodbury.

School bus and tanker truck crash at intersection 

Police believe the incident began when the bus approached a stop sign as it was travelling westbound on Ferrell Road. At this time, the large tanker truck was travelling westbound on Monroeville Road. As the bus attempted to turn left onto Monroeville, the vehicles collided with each other and went off of the road surface. After the collision, that grassy area where the tanker came to rest was covered in fluid. Hazmat crews quickly responded to clean up the area. Police closed all of the roads near the intersection while the cleanup and accident investigation took place. Photos of the scene showed severe damage to the front and rear of the bus. A superintendent from the Gloucester County Institute of Technology confirmed that the students were being transported home from his school at about 3:30 pm that day. 

Seven students who were on the bus needed to be transported to Inspira Medical Center in Woodbury for treatment. Others were briefly checked by medical personnel and released. There were twenty students in total on the bus at the time of the collision. All but one of them had been released from the hospital by the following day, and they were expected to make a full recovery. One other victim was taken to another medical center in the town of Elmer. The driver of the tanker truck was also taken from the scene in critical condition. Police are still trying to determine the exact cause of the accident

Lawsuits against the trucking company

If the truck driver is found to be at fault for the accident and injuries, it is possible to file a civil lawsuit to receive payment for medical treatment and other problems caused by his driving. This is called a negligence lawsuit, and that means that a driver breached their duty of care on the roads and caused harm to others. 

In a negligence case related to a motor vehicle crash, there is an element that adds up the total value of losses which the plaintiff sustained due to the accident. The legal term for this sum of money is called damages. At the end of the initial complaint filed by the plaintiff’s attorney in the local court, there will be an amount of damages listed. The defense can either decide to go to trial and see if the plaintiff’s attorney can convince the jury of their client’s fault, or both parties can make a settlement agreement where a fair amount of money is paid out to the victim without going to trial. 

Get help from a truck accident attorney in New Jersey 

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