When truck drivers are responsible for fuel or other sensitive types of cargo, causing an accident can be catastrophic.  

The driver of a tanker truck was given citations by the Virginia State Police for his role in causing an accident on Interstate 495 in the Fairfax County area. 

Tanker truck collides with guardrail and blocks multiple lanes of traffic

A Virginia State Trooper initially responded to the area of mile marker 42 of Interstate 495 near the American Legion bridge at about 2 pm. He found that a tanker had overturned, collided with other vehicles, and blocked several lanes on the highway. 

Authorities believe that the truck driver was travelling northbound and began to apply his brakes as traffic slowed ahead. At this point, the driver lost control and the truck began to drift into the guardrail. After this initial impact, the truck turned over on the right edge of the highway and obstructed traffic in multiple lanes. 

As the vehicle was in the process of falling and overturning, it hit a Honda Civic travelling northbound and two other vehicles that could not stop in time to avoid a collision. 

After the truck accident, all of the tanker truck’s fuel had to be unloaded and pumped into another tanker before the damaged vehicle could be removed from the area. A driver from one of the cars that made contact with the truck needed to be treated for injuries at Fairfax Inova Hospital, but everyone else involved appeared to be in good health. 

The 45 year old male truck driver from Woodbridge was charged with reckless driving for failing to maintain control of the vehicle and multiple counts of defective brakes. Multiple agencies including the Virginia Department of Transportation, Fairfax County Fire Department, Fairfax County Police, The Motor Carrier Safety Team, and the Maryland State Police all responded to help clear and secure the area. 

The potential for legal action against the trucking company

Any other vehicles who experienced damage related to the collision or fuel spill may have grounds for a lawsuit against the trucking company. The business and driver responsible will have to pay for things like vehicle repairs and medical treatment. They may also owe restitution to the government to pay for the property damage to the road and surrounding area. The company that owns the truck may have business insurance to cover these losses, or they may have to pay out of their own pocket. 

Traffic citations and other violations

Because the driver was cited for various traffic violations in this incident, these infractions can be used as evidence of negligence by the drivers who were harmed during the crash. These are relevant to the driver’s behavior in the moments leading up to the crash and they will help show that he violated the relevant standard of care expected of drivers of commercial vehicles. 

Speak with a truck accident attorney in your city

It is possible to get help from an experienced lawyer after an accident involving a truck in Woodbridge or other nearby parts of Virginia. D. Michael Mullori, Jr. Attorney at Law is available to provide a free consultation and give personalized advice about how to proceed with a lawsuit.