On March 28, 2019, a tanker truck transporting 8,500 gallons of unleaded fuel overturned on the northbound side of I-495 after the driver lost control of the vehicle. Apparently, traffic had begun to slow but when the trucker began to apply his brakes, he lost control which caused the tanker to run off the right side of the interstate and crash into the guardrail [Source: Prince William Times]. The tanker then overturned onto its side and slid across the right three lanes of the interstate.

The tanker first struck a Honda Civic and then collided with a Toyota Corolla. The driver of the third vehicle that was involved, a Toyota Camry, attempted to stop to prevent from crashing into the tanker but was unable to do so. As a result of the collision, one person suffered minor injuries and had to be transported to Fairfax Inova Hospital for treatment. After the Virginia State Police and several other agencies arrived at the scene, the truck driver, Weldon J. Harrison, 45, from Woodbridge, was cited with one count of reckless driving for failing to maintain control of his vehicle as well as four counts of defective brakes.

After the accident, “the fuel had to be unloaded and pumped into another tanker truck before the damaged tanker could be brought upright and removed from the scene.” The trucker did not suffer any injuries in the crash.


Can a driver sue a commercial truck operator whose defective brakes were responsible for causing an accident in Woodbridge?


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Defective brakes are a factor in many of the truck collisions that transpire on U.S. roadways.

If you were involved in a crash in Woodbridge with a tanker truck or another commercial vehicle that had defective brakes, you may be able to take legal recourse against a few different parties. It is for this reason that truck crash cases are often more complex than those involving passenger vehicles. In the incident cited above, not only might the trucker be held accountable for the collision, but also the company he or she worked for if it failed to perform the required maintenance on the truck that would have helped identify the faulty brakes.

In some truck accident cases, a victim might even take legal recourse against the manufacturing company that sold the brakes. Sometimes, parts become defective during the time they are being manufactured, but these defects aren’t always obvious. Unfortunately, it is only after an accident has occurred that a trucking company finds out that there was a problem with one of their truck’s brakes.

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