A law enforcement officer and a firefighter worked selflessly together and showed great valor to rescue a woman from the fiery remains of a multiple vehicle accident. As reported by ABC, the law enforcement officer belongs to the Suffolk County police department while the firefighter is from the Elmont fire division.

The car accident occurred on the Long Island Expressway midweek in the morning hours and both responders did not hesitate one moment in springing into the action to do what needed to be done to save the woman say witnesses.

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According to the police reports filed in accordance with the accident, an SUV and a National Grid truck collided in the eastward heading lanes of the Long Island Expressway. The impact of the collision sent the SUV rolling over and it almost immediately caught fire and went up in flames.

The rescuers who are now being hailed as heroes have been identified as Highway Patrol Bureau Officer Thomas Mutarelli and firefighter Jeffrey Dupoux and both of them were off duty when the incident occurred. They were just diving by in separate cars and pulled over as soon as they witnessed what happened and sprang right into action almost instinctively.

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The woman they rescued from the SUV has been identified as 36 year old Mellisa Ortiz who hails from Yaphank. The woman was stuck in the car which had come to rest upside down. She was restrained by her seatbelt and her neck and head were compressed by the roof of the SUV. Dupoux worked fearlessly to free the woman while Mutarelli engineered a way to get her out of the mangled remains of the SUV before the fire was out of control.

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Ortiz was then rushed to a hospital by ambulance along with the driver of the other vehicle who was identified as Frederick Foote. They were both checked in at Stony Brook University Hospital and thankfully only suffered non-life threatening injuries. Ortiz’s sister, Michelle Ortiz, spoke to media personnel in an interview and called the two men angels on the highway.

The easterly lanes of the highway were shut down, but the other lanes of the highway were back in business by that evening.

Truck and Public Bus Accident in New York Caught on Camera

Video footage recorded by a surveillance camera inside a New York public bus recorded the crash that the bus had with a truck in upstate New York. The crash resulted in several passengers and the driver sustaining injuries, according to a dcourier.com report.

As per the police report, a pickup driver had to leave his lane abruptly and suddenly in order to avoid hitting stopped traffic and instead came onto the path of bus and crashed into the bus.

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