Peachtree City, GA- Truck accidents are notoriously dangerous with many of the victims suffering serious injuries. An accident which occurred Tuesday on I-75 North in Monroe County, approximately 60 miles west of Peachtree City, shows how hazardous a truck accident can be.

The accident took place around 4 p.m. when David Daniel was attempting to change lanes and crashed into a tractor-trailer carrying a load of ice. The driver of the tractor-trailer, David Evans, 54, lost control and his truck flipped over on top of Daniel’s Toyota.

Daniel was removed from his crushed vehicle immediately, but Evans and his passenger 20 year-old Chloe Fowle became trapped in the cab of the big rig and had to be extricated. It took emergency crews forty minutes to remove Fowle from the wreckage, according to WMAZ.

Fowle was flown to an Atlanta hospital for treatment but her condition is not known. The fact she was taken by helicopter to a trauma center indicates her injuries were pretty severe.

For this particular accident, the passenger vehicle motorist was responsible and failed to take notice of the truck in his path. While passenger vehicle motorist are responsible for a large portion of truck accidents, many are  caused by a negligent truck drivers or the companies they drive for.

The causes of truck accidents vary so it is crucial for a victim or a deceased victim’s loved ones to contact a Georgia truck accident attorney immediately so they can determine the cause and pinpoint who is responsible for their client’s injuries.

Immediately after a truck accident, insurers representing the driver and the trucking company they work for will head to scene to see who is at fault. Their job is to cast as much doubt as possible on who was responsible in order to limit their liability for any subsequent personal injury or wrongful death suits. A truck accident victim should also have someone on their side investigating the accident so they don’t jeopardize their chances of receiving a fair settlement down the road.

Because truck accidents are not nearly as cut and dry as an auto accident, victims need someone well-versed in truck accident investigations on the scene and advocating for their rights. During the course of an investigation, a Peachtree City truck accident attorney will examine the scene, review the driver’s and truck company logs and determine if the driver was complying with Georgia and federal trucking safety regulations. They will also work to determine if any traffic laws were violated. The information obtained from the investigation is crucial and will be used to build a strong injury claim on behalf of the victim or victims.

When a truck driver or their trucking company is responsible, the victim is eligible for compensation to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses, physical suffering and mental anguish. If you have been hurt in an accident with a large commercial truck it is imperative you contact a Peachtree City attorney so they can get a head start on your case and secure a worthy settlement.