Mary E. Krebsbach, 59, a resident of Eau Claire, became the victim of a fatal three-car accident at 7:52 am. Tuesday morning in the Highway F bridge vicinity, according to the latest Leader Telegram report.

According to the information given out by the Wisconsin State Patrol, an eastward headed pickup truck driven by Brett D. Mock, 23, was east bound in I-94 when his vehicle suddenly left the road, and went over the median only to collide with two west headed cars. Wisconsin truck accident lawyers are all over this case and it is not just for curiosity purposes.

The driver of one of the vehicles was the victim Krebsbach, while the other vehicle had James D. Hager, 72 from Chippewa Falls at the wheel. The others were admitted to the Mayo Clinic Health systems in Eau Claire with minor injuries, according to the report.

The accident is still under investigation and the victims may have already called this terrific attorney who is one of the finest truck accident lawyers in the region.

Truck with trailer crashed

In another incident, a few days before the fatal I-94 crash, a truck driver lost control of his vehicle which was lugging a trailer at the time of the accident. The loss of control led the vehicle to spin and obstruct the right and middle lanes of the interstate, according to a report.

Though no fatalities were reported in the accident, traffic came to standstill for 30 minutes. However, it returned to normal soon thereafter.

Bicycle rider is killed by drunk

According to reports in dated Aug. 29th, 2015, Brett R. Hundley was held under arrest by the Beloit police for homicide in an intoxicated condition. He allegedly crashed into a man on a bicycle and killed him while going eastwards at the 2600 block of Milwaukee road late into the night.

Reports suggest that the victim was taken to a local hospital, where he was declared dead shortly after arriving. His family will be calling a Wisconsin truck accident lawyer as soon as they can, if they have not already. They can easily do that by using this critical website designed for this exact purpose, which is right here.

The victim has been identified as 43-year-old Mario Esquivel-Flores from Beloit by the Rock Country Medical Examiner’s Department. Preliminary reports indicate that the victim’s death was a result of injuries sustained during the fatal collision. The victim did not have any lights on his bicycle when he was hit.

Wisconsin truck accident basics

Approximately 500,000 truck accidents are reported annually in the United States. Out of these about 5,000 are reported to lead to fatalities. One out of every eight reported traffic fatalities is a result of truck collision.

A high percentage of the deaths in Wisconsin are a result of truck accidents. According to the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s latest statistics, there are nearly 3,000 accidents involving trucks in Wisconsin. Wisconsin truck accident liabilities are governed by the Wisconsin Rules of the Road. The state’s truck accidents records report about 1,000 injuries and over 100 fatalities annually.

This has resulted to a large number of law suits being filed in state with the help of expert truck accident lawyers. A Wisconsin truck accident attorney, such as the one from the law office of David Gruber, can help victims who have been injured or suffered the loss of their loved ones by assessing the circumstances of the accident and filing a case, if any, against the errant parties.