What Should I Do if My Windshield was Hit by Flying Debris on I-69E/I-69C?




Have you ever driven on I-69C or I-69E and had a piece of debris hit your vehicle that fell from a commercial truck driving nearby? If so, you may be entitled to file a claim with the company who is responsible for operating the truck to collect the compensation for the damage done. But, you may want to consider hiring a Texas truck accident lawyer first as you may encounter some obstacles along with the way.

One couple experienced this when their vehicle was hit by a large dirt clog that had loosened and fell from a truck that had been traveling in front of them. When the dirt fell, it sprayed all over, damaging their hood, doors, and even their windshield.  When Shalynn Reynolds called the company requesting $300 for her vehicle to be repaired, the rep, who appeared to be “disinterested,” told her he would look into it. Unfortunately, no one ever got back to Reynolds. However, she wasn’t ready to give up just yet. Because she believed that the truck driver’s negligence led to the huge dirt clog hitting her vehicle, she was determined to get this damage repaired, and not at her own expense.

One of the things Reynolds pointed out that she had learned was that truckers are responsible for inspecting their trucks prior to driving to ensure there are no potential hazards. Had this truck driver done so, he would have noticed the large clump of dirt and could have removed it. But, because he didn’t, Reynolds’ vehicle sustained damage that could have been prevented.

After Reynolds began going public with her story, the company alleged they did, in fact, call her back after she filed her complaint. The company stated that she didn’t have enough evidence to support the claim and that they were denying it. Reynolds, on the other hand, says she never received a call from the company.

Although Reynolds’ claim was initially denied, she could have continued to fight for the compensation she knowingly deserved with the help of a truck accident lawyer.


What should I do if my vehicle is hit by a piece of debris that came from a commercial vehicle while driving on I-69C or I-69C?


truck accident lawyers in Texas
If you are driving behind a truck and piece of debris falls causing damage to your vehicle, you may be able to recover the funds to fix it after filing a claim with the company.

Azfamily.com suggests that you:


  1. Gather as much evidence as possible.
  2. Send copies of the evidence to the company by certified mail.
  3. Demand that the company forward the claim on to their insurance company.
  4. Be sure to include an estimate of the repair cost and how much you want the company’s insurance carrier to pay.


In the event you need help with this or aren’t getting the response you need like Reynolds, consider letting a Texas truck accident attorney step in and help. Sometimes, when you have an attorney speak on your behalf, your claim is handled fairly and you stand a better chance of getting it paid.

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