As compared to regular traffic accidents, the issue of liability and what really caused a trucking accident are complicated indeed. According to profound truck accident lawyers in Wilmington, DE this is because accidents involving large commercial vehicles usually involve more than one player.

Therefore, obtaining information on what went wrong needs sound knowledge of the workings of the trucking industry. It is crucial to have a concrete understanding of the typical causes of trucking accidents, and the connections among the individuals and entities related to the truck, trailer, as well as the load. This can help determine if you have a legitimate claim and how your claim/case can be presented.

Getting hit by a truck is no fun. Accepting less money than you need to get back to where you were before the crash is even less fun. This is why you need a Wilmington City, DE truck accident lawyer which can be obtained via Legal help can be right around the virtual corner.

Laws governing truck accidents

The trucking industry in the US is governed by federal laws which establish specific standards that the owners, trucking companies, and drivers must comply with since these laws determine who is liable for the trucking accident, point out Delaware truck accident attorneys.

Who can be held liable?

In the case of truck accidents, there can be a number of players who might be liable for a victim’s injuries. These include:

  • Owner of the truck/trailer
  • Truck driver
  • Individual or company who leased the truck/trailer from its owner
  • Manufacturer of the truck/trailer, tires, and other parts that contributed to the severity or cause of the auto accident
  • The loader or shipper of the cargo in the truck

The trucking, leasing, and hauling companies will argue about whose insurance should compensate the injured victim. Often times, trucking companies make an attempt to avoid responsibility for auto accidents involving their vehicles by trying to distance themselves from their vehicle, driver, and equipment, in various ways.

Fortunately, Wilmington City, DE truck accident lawyers explain that federal laws have been passed to bring these arguments to an end. Under the present federal law, a company who owns the trucking permit is held liable for every auto accident involving a truck with its name or placard displayed on their vehicle.

Now in the movie Transformers Bonecrusher was a large truck but more specifically a Buffalo H Mine-Protected Vehicle. On a freeway in Mission City (really LA), Bonecrusher crashed into Optimus Prime who was a Peterbilt 379 semi-trailer truck. Now in this fight which many people wish was longer, Prime defeated Bonecrusher rather easily. Bonecrusher got ahead of himself and this cost him.

Now this is fiction so the chances of you being hit by a transformers on the road is unlikely. If you are though hit by a truck, you need to get on which is as altruistic as Optimus Prime is and find yourself legal assistance. Do not sign anything with the opposing insurance company until you have legal help by your side.

Gathering evidence

Traditionally, victims depended on the police reports as well as witness statements to learn why and how an accident happened. However, now there are other important ways to obtain data on an auto accident that includes information from high tech devices as well as government agencies.

Contact government agencies

For the most part, state and federal laws stipulate that a certified truck inspector must inspect any truck and trailer that is involved in a vehicle accident, prior to it being removed from the accident scene. This report details the actual condition of every significant mechanical part of the truck and can be acquired from the appropriate government agency.

High tech devices

The trucking industry uses devices like the black box found in planes to record every kind of information, such as the speed of the truck at the time of the accident, patterns of speed, times when the driver used breaks, as well as the time the truck driver has been on the highway. Therefore, you must ensure that all the data from the high-tech equipment remains preserved, to be later used as evidence.

If you have suffered injuries and losses in a truck accident involving a large commercial vehicle, you need to hold all the relevant parties liable in order to receive adequate compensation. Now that you know the process involved, it is time to hire a Delaware truck accident lawyer to assist with every aspect of your case.