Five teenagers were unfortunately killed in a fiery crash on Interstate 89 in Williston. As reported by, the car accident that occurred back in October last year was caused by a truck driver who was allegedly driving the wrong way.

The defendant, who has been identified as Steven Bourgoin of Williston according to Vermont State Police, pleaded not guilty to five counts of murder and other related charges. According to truck accident lawyers in Windham, VT, murder charges are expected in such cases that result in multiple fatalities, and are removed from the list of the state’s highway fatalities.

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Legal experts move on to explain that the since the case is classified as a murder instead of a ‘highway fatality’, there will be no public access to the incident report. This includes the truck driver’s toxicology report, according to legal counselors.

Bourgoin is reported to have collided with the teens’ Volkswagen Jetta following which he managed to steal a police cruiser and then crashed into seven other vehicles. He was critically injured in the crash.

The truck accident reconstruction team’s leader, Lt. Garry Scott said that this was the third time during his tenure that a traffic fatality has been categorized as murder.

The first case was of Timothy Dowd who in 2012 pleaded guilty to murder after causing an auto accident that led to the death of Kaye Borneman. In another case in July 2015, Karrie Benoir faces a charge of second degree murder after causing a fatal crash that killed Brendon Cousino, a 30 year old.

Some people just do not deserve to be free. Some people are too weak to control their demons. They may appear to be strong by their violent actions but really they are weak.

Preliminary crash report not included in DMV repository

According to legal pros the preliminary crash report plays a vital role in establishing not only liability but several other legal issues. Lt. Scott said that the report helps the affected parties file insurance claims. He also pointed out that the report is not included in the Department of Motor Vehicles repository just in case the auto accident is later classified as murder.

The victims in the Williston auto accident included four students from Harwood Union High School while one was from Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, New Hampshire. The prosecution termed Bourgoin’s act as a wanton disregard for human life. Toxicology reports indicated the presence of THC in the driver’s system at the time of the auto accident.

Police reports indicate that the teens’ VW caught fire after being pushed into the median by Bourgoin’s vehicle. He was reportedly driving at around 79mph at the time of the collision.

The defendant took the opportunity to escape in a police cruiser when Williston Police Officer Eric Shepard reached the site and was busy trying to extricate one girl from the burning wreckage. He made a U-turn on Interstate 89 and was travelling at around 107mph when he crashed into his own truck and seven other vehicles. Steven Bourgoin should not have been a free person acting on his own volition. does not fail to deliver

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