A common misconception most drivers have is they believe that a truck driver will always be held legally responsible if they manage to get into a truck accident. The fact of the matter, however, is truck accidents are actually a lot more complicated then they look. The main factor which makes truck accident so complex is the sheer amount of parties which need to go under investigation and who could be held liable for negligence when an accident actually ends up occurring.

In order to understand the various parties who can be held liable, it is important to understand different causes of truck accidents. Truck accidents may be caused by the driver failing to follow traffic rules and the hours of service rules. An accident can also be caused due to failure of the mechanic to repair the truck properly, or due to parts malfunction which can be attributed to the company who designed the truck.

An accident can also occur because the cargo was not loaded on properly, which would make the cargo company liable. In other cases, the trucking company can be held liable if it is deemed that the accident occurred because they had compelled the driver to drive in unsafe conditions. A trucking company can be held both indirectly responsible for the accident due to their employee’s lack of ability to follow legal protocol, and they can also be held directly responsible for not ensuring their drivers were educated enough before hiring them for the job.

Is it necessary to get a lawyer involved?

In most cases, it is vital to have a truck accident attorney in Syracuse, NY assisting a person when they are dealing with something as serious as a large scale truck accident. Truck accidents are not only complicated because of the numerous parties involved, but they are also generally very expensive as well. No one should have to pay for damages if the accident was not even entirely their own fault.

Investigating and gathering evidence are the most important steps a person has to take in order to try and win favor in court. A legal professional who is trained in dealing with such cases will be able to help investigate and question the relevant parties in order to collect the needed evidence to support one’s claim.

If a person chooses to proceed without a lawyer they also risk being taken advantage of by the other individuals involved in the accident. This is especially true if a person tries to claim insurance, whether it’s with their own insurance company or with another driver’s insurance company.

Lawyers are familiar with the legal requirements which the insurance company is required to follow and can, therefore, help a person avoid being given a low ball offer. They can communicate on behalf of the individual according to the policies of the insurance company and according to the requirements of the law they can demand a person receives the appropriate compensation.