Iowa City, IA – People who drive on the highways in Iowa and other states across the country are always at risk from being hit by a large truck or other commercial vehicles. Individuals who operate these vehicles are subject to rules that are more strict than the rules for general use of any motor vehicle. They need to obtain commercial driver’s licenses, which can be revoked if they have a history of accidents or traffic violations. 

Truck drivers and commercial driver’s licenses

One of the reasons why CDLs are so highly regulated is because most of these drivers will spend a significant amount of time on the roads and log many miles, and their risk of getting into an accident is much higher than recreational drivers or those who only drive to commute to work. The federal Department of Transportation passes regulations for all kinds of vehicles and vessels that carry the risk of causing accidents due to driver error or other mistakes that can have disastrous results. In addition to these government regulations, the companies that own the trucks also purchase special insurance because of the increased risk of accidents. 

Sanctions against a driver with a CDL for causing a collision

In most cases, the actions that will be taken against a commercial driver depend on the severity of the accident and whether any foul play was involved. For example, a minor accident generally does not result in a loss of commercial driving privileges. However, if the trucker was driving under the influence in violation of local traffic law and causes serious injuries to a victim, this will immediately cause the driver to lose their CDL and their employment. 

There is also the possibility that a driver can receive points on their license for traffic violations that result in an accident. These points can result in the suspension or loss of the license if they accumulate. This is similar to the process for a standard driver’s license suspension in most states, however commercial drivers are usually given less of a margin for error. 

Another serious consequence of a commercial truck driver causing an accident is that both the individual and employer may be named as defendants in a civil lawsuit, and have to pay for the victim’s losses. 

Local firms that handle truck collisions and subsequent lawsuits

Victims have the option of speaking with a local attorney who is licensed in Iowa after any kind of truck collision involving a commercial vehicle. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices has received numerous accolades related to excellence in trial practice and personal injury law. They have provided clients with guidance related to a number of different legal matters over the past two decades. 

Firm contact info:

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices

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