York, PA experienced some unusual weather this past Friday that was responsible for knocking out power in more than 10,392 homes and causing a tractor-trailer truck to blow over. According to YDR.com, the truck had been traveling on the Normal Wood Bridge that sits just above the Susquehanna River when the wind gusts caused it to topple over. Luckily, no other vehicles were involved in the accident. The driver of the truck was transported to a local hospital but it wasn’t clear whether he actually sustained any injuries from the accident.

Meteorologists referred to the day as a “wild weather day” as it caused the closure of Route 372 until late Saturday as well as the closing of several classes at the York campus of Harrisburg Area Community College. Some after school activities were even canceled in certain districts including South Eastern due to the inclement weather conditions. Meteorologist Paul Head confirmed that the highest gust recorded at the York Airport was 49 miles per hour Friday afternoon. The wind apparently came after some heavy rain had fallen the night before, followed by snow.


The Feds Now Investigating Lehigh Tunnel Incident


Aside from the strange weather the county of York was faced with, there have been some new updates announced regarding the strange incident that occurred in the Lehigh Tunnel that left one truck driver dead. According to Penn Live, the feds have now gotten involved in the investigation in an attempt to figure out what caused the electrical conduit to fall. If you didn’t catch the news broadcast on the accident, apparently an electrical conduit detached from the ceiling of the Lehigh Tunnel and crashed through the windshield of the truck 70-year-old Howard M. Sexton was driving. The impact caused his vehicle to travel out of the tunnel for about a mile’s distance and that is where officials found him.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission announced that they are cooperating with the federal investigation as both agencies are “eager to understand exactly what caused this tragedy so we can work to ensure it doesn’t happen again.” The tunnels are inspected every two years and it was scheduled to be checked out again this coming September.


What should you do when you or a loved one sustains an injury in a strange accident such as those mentioned above?


After being involved in a truck accident, you are going to want to retain a PA truck crash attorney to help you recover compensation from your insurance policy and possibly even the liable party who caused the accident.

Accidents of all types can occur at any given moment. When traveling through a tunnel, over a bridge, and even down the street from your home. Unfortunately, they occur when we least expect them to and we are often left struggling through the recovery process with bills piling up and the inability to afford all of the medical treatments required.

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