Tractor-trailer accidentMobile, AL- Accidents involving commercial trucks have numerous causes. In many cases, passenger vehicle motorists are to be blamed, but there are thousands of cases where the negligence on the behalf of truck driver or trucking company is the main contributor to a truck accident.

That’s one widow alleges in a lawsuit filed against Swift Transportation who contracts with big box retailer Wal-Mart. In the suit, Bonnie Clark of Florida says her husband was killed when one of the tucking company’s driver fell asleep at the wheel and struck her husband head-on, according to News 4.

Wiley Clark left his home in Hawthorne, Fla., early one morning in June of last year to have breakfast, when his life was cut short. The 71 year-old retiree was driving on U.S. 301 when the truck driver veered into oncoming lanes and struck Clark’s truck head-on. He was killed instantly.

An investigation into the accident revealed that the at-fault driver had worked at least 65 hours in the days leading up to the accident and had been called into work 12 nights in a row, which is a violation of federal trucking regulations.

Steve Pajcic, the attorney representing, Wiley’s widow told News 4 that the truck driver was traveling 17 miles over the speed limit and the tires on the truck so worn they would not have passed federal inspection.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that fatigue plays a role in 13 percent of truck accidents. In light of the dangers posed by fatigued drivers, the federal government passed rules, limiting driver to 11 hours a day behind wheel and requiring regular rest periods. But those regulations have since been rolled back.

Speed and mechanical problems are also primary contributors to dangerous and deadly truck accidents.

Truck drivers face legal consequences for driving while fatigued and speeding. So do their trucking companies, if they encouraged or forced a driver to violate trucking regulations. Victims are urged to speak with an Alabama truck accident attorney if they have been seriously harmed or lost a loved one in an unnecessary and preventable semi-truck accident. Using their knowledge and investigatory skills, an attorney who represents truck accident victims will strive to build a unbeatable injury claim for their clients and work tirelessly on their half.

With the high cost of medical care, truck accident victims need all the help they can get. Caring for a catastrophic injury is very costly often saddling victims with tens of thousands in medical bills. Since their injuries were caused by another party, they should be expected to pay for their medical costs out of their pockets. Victims who retain and Mobile truck accident attorney can be confident that they will get the compensation necessary to cover all the expenses they incur as a result or a truck accident. Making a negligent truck driver and trucking company pay for their negligence won’t ease the pain caused by a truck accident, but it will alleviate some of the financial woes and emotional distress victims endure.