Whether someone is a commercial driver or they use a truck for personal reasons for transportation, driving a large vehicle always carries serious risks. Going through the insurance process as well as filing a lawsuit may be necessary to receive enough money to cover all losses following a major collision.  

A truck driver was critically hurt when his vehicle was involved in an accident on Interstate 135 in Wichita

Truck flips off of Interstate 135 in Wichita seriously injuring the driver

The incident began when the driver’s pickup truck was going southbound and suddenly made contact with the guard rail and went into the ground below. Police believe another vehicle may have been involved and left the scene. The vehicle was discovered on the side of the road on I-135 southbound between the exits for 8th Street and 9th Street. 

When fire rescue crews arrived, they had to dislodge the truck from underneath a tree and flip it over before the victim was removed using the jaws of life. The 20 year old male was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Photos from the scene showed a tow truck taking the vehicle away after it was totally crushed from the impact. 

The Kansas Highway Patrol wants to investigate the accident further to determine if the driver was speeding or if he had consumed drugs or alcohol prior to the crash. A crash log will be updated with more information after the police leave the scene. Multiple lanes on I-135 remained closed for about two hours after the crash before traffic returned to normal. 

Investigations to determine fault

A crucial issue in situations like this is trying to determine exactly who or what was at fault for the collision. The victim will need this information before they can file a lawsuit, and their insurance company will also use any accident or investigation reports after the driver files a claim. 

How much will an insurance policy pay out?

All drivers are required to have some kind of basic liability insurance. Depending on the policy, damage to the vehicle may or may not be covered depending on if the driver has purchased collision insurance. The liability amounts on many policies are in the tens of thousands of dollars, which means that a lawsuit may be required if victims want to receive sufficient compensation to cover their injuries and property damage.   

What does an attorney need to start the process to file a lawsuit

Many lawyers will offer an initial consultation after an accident for free or at a low cost. They will ask some basic questions about what happened, where the incident took place, who else was involved, and other important pieces of information. For most civil cases, you do not have to pay a lawyer up front for their services. They generally work on a contingent fee, which means that they will take a percentage of your settlement or judgment money only if they win your case. Otherwise you will not owe them anything. 

Talk to an attorney who focuses on truck accidents in Wichita

There are lawyers available throughout the state of Kansas who help victims of truck accidents. USAttorneys.com provides a listing of lawyers in every city around the country.