San Francisco, CA- Trucking is a billion dollar industry and there are over 15 million large commercial trucks on the nation’s highways, 20 percent of which are tractor-trailers. Traffic accidents involving passenger vehicles are more prevalent than commercial trucks, but the resulting injuries can be much more serious. Some truck accident victims think they can get the compensation they need without help, but that isn’t always the case.

Tractor-trailers, semis, and other commercial trucks are large and heavy pieces of machinery often weighing up to 80,000 pounds. The weight of a truck makes these types of accidents more forceful and can leave the victims with severe injuries and cause the death of the involved individuals. The majority of truck accidents cause injury or death for the motorist. The number of deaths caused by truck accidents edged up 3 percent in 2010 and as the economy continues to improve that number could rise even more.

When a person has been injured in any type of accident it is always in their best interest to hire a personal injury attorney, especially if those injuries were serious. But truck accidents are significantly different, and require someone who has a special set of skills. A San Francisco truck accident attorney  has the investigative skills.

Truck accidents have a much large scope than a passenger vehicle accident and are not as cut and dry. There are factors outside driver error which can cause a truck accident. The condition of the truck and mechanical failure can and often is the primary cause of truck accidents. A Fatality Causation study from 2003 found that 55 percent of trucks involved in a fatal accident had at least one mechanical issue.

An experienced San Francisco truck accident attorney has the necessary skills to pinpoint the cause of a truck accident. If you are injured in a truck accident because of a mechanical failure, your attorney is capable of determining which parties, such as the truck owner and parts manufacturer, are liable for your injuries and are prepared to hold those parties accountable.

Investigations are the key to building a strong and successful truck injury case. This requires someone who can dissect and comprehend evidence such as a driver’s log, trucking company maintenance logs and black boxes. They will also have access to the driver’s and the company’s safety record, which can help your attorney build an effective injury case that results in an optimal settlement.

A San Francisco truck accident attorney has access to numerous experts such as accident reconstruction specialists and doctors who can bolster the strength of your case. When you go up against an insurer or trucking company you must understand they are primarily concerned with reducing their liability, it’s just the way they do business. They have their own team of experts and attorneys working for them, if you want to receive the amount you truly deserve, and you should have an attorney on your side too. It is the only way to assure you are treated fairly.