Large trucks and other vehicles of similar sizes are responsible for a significant number of injuries and deaths on the roads in the U.S. each year. The law does provide remedies to victims and their families, but a civil lawsuit is necessary to receive appropriate compensation.

The local news in Houston reported that a woman was hit by a pickup truck in a rural part of Harris County, just outside of the city.

Pedestrian woman hit by pickup truck in rural area near Houston

Authorities were trying to determine exactly what caused the truck to hit a woman who was walking near the road in northeastern Harris County. They believe the victim was walking along the 400 block of the East Beaumont Highway at around 8:30 pm when the accident happened. Sheriff’s deputies and local fire rescue crews responded to the scene and transported the woman to Memorial Hermann Hospital by airlift. Her condition was unknown after she was brought to the hospital, and there was no word released on whether the driver would receive any criminal or traffic citations for hitting her. Pictures of the scene showed police officers looking around the area of the car and pavement where the collision occurred with their flashlights.

The necessity of filing a lawsuit

If this woman sustained any kind of serious injuries, she will require a significant amount of money to cover her medical bills and hospitalization costs. She may also be unable to work for months or years after the accident, and require additional treatment, which will affect her financial situation even more.

After these kinds of accidents, there are limits to what the insurance process can provide without resorting to a lawsuit. A civil case for negligence allows an attorney to argue for the exact costs of medical treatment and lost wages, along with non-economic damages associated with the medical trauma caused by the incident.

How negligence lawsuits work

The type of civil case that is usually filed after any motor vehicle accident is called a negligence case. This essentially means that a person or business was not careful enough, breached their duty of care on the road, and caused some kind of injury or harm to others. The amount of harm that a person experienced can be quantified into one of the elements of a negligence case called damages. Damages are the amount that the victim can sue for, which that reflects the money and time they lost due to the accident, along with other expenses they incurred.

Estimating the value of an accident

Because no two accidents are exactly alike, it is impossible to estimate how much compensation a victim will receive without first speaking with a local attorney. You can discuss your expenses and provide records to help them come up with a figure relevant to your case.

Talk to a licensed attorney in your city

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