When a truck owned by a business causes any kind of serious injuries or property damage, it is possible to sue the company and make them pay out all related damages after the accident.

A landscaping company’s truck was involved in a fatal accident in Providence, Rhode Island and the driver will be charged criminally.

Dump truck kills the driver of a sedan

Witnesses said they saw a landscaping dump truck proceed forward and strike the side of a sedan shortly after midnight on a Monday morning. One occupant of the sedan was killed instantly and another was seriously injured. A third vehicle was also involved in the crash after the initial impact but no one was injured and it sustained minimal damage. People in the area noticed the driver of the truck ran into a gas station in the area and was acting hysterical immediately after the crash. He was held until the police arrived and arrested him. There was no specific information given about criminal charges or traffic citations that would be filed related to the accident.

Suing a business for an employee’s actions

As a general principle of personal injury law, employers are always responsible for actions of their employees while they are engaged in their normal job duties. This means that when a truck driver causes an accident, their employer will be attached in any related lawsuit. This is beneficial to a plaintiff because a business will usually have larger financial reserves or business insurance protection that can be used to pay out any damages caused by the accident. When an attorney who specializes in truck accidents files their initial complaint related to the lawsuit, the business will also be attached as a defendant.

Calculating damages after an accident

In most civil lawsuits, the defendant person or entity will be responsible for things like property damage, medical bills, hospitalization, and future lost wages related to the accident. They can also be made to pay out non-economic damages for things like trauma, emotional pain, and suffering. Fatal accidents like the one mentioned in the news story above or crashes that cause serious injuries will normally have a greater financial value than minor accidents. Damages are always calculated related to the amount of harm the defendant actually caused to the victim.

The specifics of state law

The city of Providence, along with the state of Rhode Island may have specific laws that will affect the outcome of your lawsuit. It is important to speak to an attorney before trying to make any estimate about the amount of damages related to your accident or the outcome of your case. There are also different negligence laws in every state, which affect the result of personal injury lawsuits depending on how fault can be divided and other factors.

Learn more after a truck accident

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