Did you know that a majority of the commercial truck drivers operating a truck are only permitted to drive their vehicles for an 11-hour timeframe before they are in violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hours-of-service (HOS) rules? Did you know that certain size trucks are only permitted to carry a set amount of weight otherwise they put themselves at a greater risk of tipping over? If you said no to either of the questions presented above, then it is likely that there are a few other rules you aren’t aware of that truck drivers are required to abide by.


Now, you might be asking yourself, why is this important and how does it pertain to the recent truck accident I was involved in?


Well, after engaging in an accident with a large commercial truck in Nashville, TN, it is likely you suffered from serious or even permanent injuries that have not only impacted your ability to work, but also contributed to you accruing debt for things like medical bills, therapy, etc. It is also safe to assume that you are looking to recover compensation from the liable party who caused you to suffer both physically and financially, right? If you answered yes, then you need to understand that you cannot just demand that compensation be paid to you by the truck driver and/or his or her employer. In fact, you need to provewhy you are need of the compensation you are seeking along with whythe party who you are attempting to hold liable should pay it.


And this is where these rules and regulations come in.


You see, if the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel for a split second and rear-ended your vehicle, not only are they guilty of being reckless, but they could have been violating the hours-of-service rules we mentioned above. However, you would need a truck accident lawyer to obtain the ELD (electronic logging device) records to determine whether they were working beyond that 11-hour timeframe they are allowed to drive before assuming they violated the law. Now, if your attorney can prove they did, in fact, violate the HOS rules, this will serve as a vital piece of evidence that can be used to support your case.


And the more support you can get, the better off you are at winning your case.


Therefore, one of the most important benefits you get when you hire a Nashville, TN truck crash lawyer is that you have someone working on your side who is familiar with the state and federal laws that truckers are required to abide by. An attorney can then use the knowledge they have to help prove when a trucker has violated one or more of these laws which will only make your case stronger in court.

truck accident lawyers in Nashville, TN

Now only is a TN truck accident attorney familiar with the laws that govern commercial trucks, but they also know how to use these laws to help you recover the compensation you need for the damages that have been suffered.

Another important benefit we must acknowledge is that a truck crash lawyer understands how to navigate the legal avenues you are required to travel down when you choose to file a personal injury lawsuit in an effort to recover compensation for all of the damages you have incurred. Aside from the various state statutes you need to be aware of, you also need to know what paperwork must be filed in order to initiate the lawsuit process. And if you’ve never filed a personal injury lawsuit before, this can be a bit overwhelming for someone who is trying to recover from a collision.

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