Austin, TXTruck drivers must comply with a number of different regulations to ensure the safety of others on the roads and ensure that their cargo arrives at its destination. There are various ways that regulatory agencies and employers can monitor a driver’s behavior, and black box records are one such method. Anyone who is thinking about suing a trucking company after a collision should contact a lawyer for more information about how all relevant evidence is gathered for a lawsuit

What is a black box?

These are devices used to record important pieces of information in various vehicles. They are most common in planes used for air travel, but commercial trucks and vehicles use them as well. The black box is sometimes called an event data recorder, and it is placed in the engines of many trucks in recent years as part of the manufacturing process. The device will record accidents and other situations such as close calls to provide information about what happened immediately before, during, and after the crash. 

There are also event data systems in use that do not need to be physically present in the vehicle. Some trucking and transportation companies can use satellite data or other forms of information to perform most of the same functions as a black box placed in the engine. 

Evidence of improper driving

Black box data is significant in negligence lawsuits against a trucking company because it can show exactly which behaviors or problems resulted in an incident. The driver may have been speeding, there could have been a brake failure due to improper maintenance, and other mechanical problems may have been present. This information can help prove all of the elements of negligence against the relevant party, whether it is the owner of the truck, the individual driver, or a parts manufacturer. In order for the plaintiff to be successful, they must use this information to show that the driver breached their standard duty of care while on the roads. 

Some of the relevant behaviors recorded by these instruments may also include tire pressure and failures, if the driver wore a seatbelt, if the airbag was deployed, the location of the accident, and the history of incidents involving the same vehicle. Along with other pieces of evidence exchanged during the discovery process, this can help create a clear picture of why the truck driver was involved in an accident

Advice from a motor vehicle accident lawyer

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