Because large trucks are more difficult to control than smaller vehicles, there are numerous incidents of truck drivers losing control on the roads each day. This can result in trucks flipping or falling onto other cars with disastrous results.

A semi truck fell from a highway after an accident and killed a driver below on Interstate 75 in Tampa, Florida.

Truck falls off of a highway bridge and kills man in car below

Witnesses believe the incident started when an SUV cut across multiple lanes of traffic suddenly and went right in front of the truck. The scene near the Fowler Ace exit and the University of South Florida was filled with fire and smoke as traffic in all directions was closed on the highway for a significant amount of time. There were also tomatoes from the truck’s cargo all over the road.

Fire department workers from Hillsborough County reported that four vehicles were affected by the accident. The part of the truck that landed on the vehicle below the overpass was totally burned and the driver of that car was killed instantly. The driver of the truck did survive with injuries, and five other people were also taken to local hospitals. The Florida Department of Transportation was inspecting the area for property damage and checking the structure of the bridge to determine if it was safe for drivers.

What is a wrongful death lawsuit?

The main difference between a motor vehicle accident involving fatalities and those that only cause injuries or property damage is the ability of the surviving family members to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In Florida, spouses, children, or anyone who was financially dependent on the deceased person has up to two years from the time they are notified of the death to file this kind of case. This is a special kind of civil case that allows a family member to act on the deceased person’s behalf and receive compensation for things like medical and funeral expenses, future lost wages, and money related to other services the deceased person would have been able to provide.

How is this different from a normal personal injury lawsuit?

Personal injury lawsuits can also provide money for medical bills and missed time from work, however, in a wrongful death case it is clear that the deceased person no longer has any earning potential and other financial obligations they were responsible for can no longer be paid. This means that the defendant in the lawsuit can be found to be responsible for paying all of these costs.

Special rules for wrongful death cases

The rules regarding filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida are more strict than for most civil cases and there is a shorter statute of limitations, so it is important to speak with an attorney about the specifics of a fatal accident as quickly as possible.

Speak with a local attorney in the Tampa area

If you are interested in possibly filing a lawsuit after injuries caused by a truck accident, you can get help from a local firm. Larson Johnson Trial Attorneys are available to file a wrongful death or personal injury case on your behalf.