Why do trucking companies in Alsen need special insurance?

Alsen, LA – Truck drivers can legally be on the roads for up to ten hours each day. While this limit is based on federal transportation regulations to avoid fatigued driving, it is still possible that a commercial driver will be in an accident due to the sheer amount of time they spend on the road each day. When a crash happens, the driver’s employer will probably face a lawsuit to pay for all of the damage. This is why it is important to have insurance so that the business is not personally liable.

An accident attorney can provide more specific information about how victims can file lawsuits and other issues related to liability in commercial vehicle accidents.

Liability coverage for damage caused by drivers

Just like individual drivers who are required to carry liability coverage for any damage that they cause during a collision, a trucker’s employer is liable for any damage that their drivers cause while working. This means that a commercial insurance policy for the business can potentially cover thousands of dollars or more worth of things like medical bills and lost wages for victims, as well as the property damage that happened during the crash. It is better to have the insurance company pay out these losses, as it may not be feasible for the driver’s employer to be able to pay for all of the damage on their own. 

Regulations related to commercial vehicle insurance

The federal government has mandated that any business engaged in interstate commerce needs to have certain coverage, which is much higher than what a standard driver needs. Even for businesses that only have intrastate drivers, the state of Louisiana has similar requirements that detail what kind of coverage is needed for their vehicles. This means that the right type of insurance for commercial vehicles is not merely an option, but necessary if the company wants to follow all relevant regulations and operate legally. There can be severe penalties for uninsured drivers, and the business can also face serious consequences if there is a lawsuit against a truck that did not have coverage at the time of a crash.  It is best for the business to find out what kind of coverage they need, and ensure their vehicles are insured at all times. 

Truck accident attorneys in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an injury firm that handles various kinds of accident lawsuits for local clients in Alsen and the rest of Louisiana. Their lawyers can meet with people who were injured and need to file a lawsuit.  

USAttorneys.com is a service that works with people who need to find a lawyer in their city or state. Anyone who needs assistance with their search can call 800-672-3103 for more information. 

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