truck accident lawyers in Henrico County, VA

If you suffered injuries as a result of a truck collision in Henrico County and you need help getting your medical bills paid, a truck accident lawyer can help you.

If you’re wondering you is going to be responsible for covering your medical expenses after suffering a burn injury in a truck collision, the answer actually depends on a few different things. Were you operating a company vehicle at the time of the accident or engaging in negligent behavior? Were you hired to work for the company as an employee or private contractor? The answers to these questions could determine whether your employer (i.e. the trucking company) would be responsible for paying your medical bills or you.

In the event you were hired as a full or part-time employee and are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, then your employer’s insurer would be responsible for paying for all of the medical care you need rendered as a result of the burn injury you suffered. To learn more about the types of benefits you are entitled to receive as a workers’ comp claimant, visit the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission website for more information.

However, if you were hired as a private contractor or aren’t entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you might consider having your physician file your medical claims with your auto insurer or health insurer given you have purchased coverage that will pay for this.


What if my insurance company or my employer’s insurer won’t pay for the medical care I need rendered?


You also have the option of filing a civil suit in an effort to collect damages from either your employer if they are refusing to pay your claim or another party who was also involved in the accident with you. If another driver was responsible or partially responsible for causing the truck accident, then you may have a case against him or her. You should contact a local Henrico County, VA truck accident lawyer to find out if you should pursue legal action in an effort to recover compensation to cover your medical expenses you have accrued or plan to accrue in the future.


What types of treatment should I seek compensation for?


How severe was your injury? According to the Mayo Clinic, “if your burn covers more than 10% of your total body surface area, is very deep, or on the face, feet or groin, or meets other criteria,” you may be transferred to a burn center for treatment, which could be extremely costly. You may also be required to undergo certain types of treatments to help heal your burn injuries. Some of the treatments burn victims are required to undergo include:


  • Water-based treatments. This involves a team of healthcare professionals who “use techniques such as ultrasound mist therapy to clean and stimulate the wound tissue.”
  • Fluids to prevent dehydration. If your injuries put you at risk of becoming dehydrated, you “may need intravenous (IV) fluids to prevent dehydration and organ failure.”
  • Pain and anxiety medications. If you are experiencing severe pain from your burn injuries, which many victims do, “you may need morphine and anti-anxiety medications.”
  • Burn creams and ointments.
  • Drugs that fight infection. This is often provided through an IV.
  • Tetanus shot.


You may also need to attend physical or occupational therapy or undergo surgery depending on the severity of your injury.


truck accident lawyers in Henrico County, VA

Want to recover compensation for the physical pain and psychological suffering your burn injuries have caused you? If so, contact a Henrico County, VA truck accident attorney today.

The type of treatment you need rendered may be extensive and expensive and if you cannot afford to pay for this, you should contact Burnett & Williams, P.C. to find out how the team of truck accident lawyers at this firm can help you recover the compensation you not only need but also deserve.


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