Large trucks such as dump trucks or other construction vehicles can cause serious problems when they crash on the state’s roads.

A fatal accident involving a dump truck occurred on Interstate 75 in Tampa Florida.

Dump truck kills two after crash

The section of the highway near the accident was closed for about six hours after 2:30 pm when a dump truck did not slow down for exiting traffic and caused a collision. The Florida Highway Patrol believes the speed of the truck was a primary cause of the accident. After the initial crash with a Toyota sedan and another truck, the dump truck rolled over into a van and struck four additional vehicles. The driver of the Nissan van was identified as a 46 year old male who died immediately on the scene. A two month old child in the Toyota sedan was also killed at the scene. Three others were taken to Tampa General Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. No other injuries were reported and no criminal charges were filed immediately after the accident. The truck appears to be owned by a job site preparation contracting company.


Liability for trucking companies

After a dump truck accident, it is likely that the construction company or government organization that owns the truck and employed the driver will be held responsible. Employers are strictly liable for the damage caused by their employees during the normal course of their work. Many times, this means that truckers who cause accidents while driving will become a source of liability for the parent company.

Accidents that cause death

The parents of the young child who died and the family members of the driver of the van will be able to file a special kind of lawsuit against the person responsible. A wrongful death action will make the driver or their employer pay for funeral expenses, medical bills, future lost wages, and other problems that are a direct result of the accident. The amounts paid out after a wrongful death are usually larger than in standard personal injury lawsuit.

Non-economic damages

In many severe accidents that result in serious injuries or death, non-economic damages can also become very important. It is easy to imagine that the parents of a two year old victim may be traumatized after this kind of accident. The parents may be able to include non-economic damages, known as pain and suffering, in their claim. This is a way of attempting to quantify the psychological and emotional pain that will remain with the family for the rest of their life. In many cases, these amounts can be significant because it is difficult to put a price on someone’s life and the burden of having a child killed at such a young age.

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