Fairfield, IL—The answer depends on where compensation is being sought from. For example, if a truck accident victim were to file a valid accident claim with a trucking company’s insurance company, then the insurer would value the case and provide the victim with compensation for things like medical expenses, property damage, and possibly even lost wages

While the insurance company will use various things such as accident reports, medical notes, appraisals, etc. to determine how much a truck accident victim should receive, the carrier will also take into account the insurance limits the trucking company purchased.

For instance, if a company were to purchase $100,000 in liability coverage and a victim’s accident-related expenses amounted to $90,000, then they may be able to recover this from the policy if the insurer handles the claim fairly. But, if a victim’s expenses amount to more than what a policy will pay, then the insurer is only obligated to pay a victim up to those limits.


Do insurance companies offer truck accident victims fair settlements?


Not always. Insurance companies have been recognized for not providing claimants with the full amount of compensation they are due. Insurance adjusters often undervalue claims in order to protect the company’s profits. Therefore, if a victim neglects to retain a Fairfield, IL truck accident lawyer to protect their interests or is unaware of how to properly value their case, then they could be left walking away with a considerable amount lower than what they should.


Does a truck accident victim have to accept the insurance company’s first settlement offer?


No. Truck accident victims do not have to accept the first settlement offer that is presented to them by the insurance company. In fact, many are encouraged not to accept the first settlement as it is usually for a lower amount than what the victim is entitled to.

In order for a truck accident victim to determine whether they should accept the first settlement that is provided to them, they should have an experienced truck accident lawyer in Fairfield, IL review the offer. In the event the amount is too low, a lawyer can negotiate with the insurance adjuster in an effort to try and get the carrier to increase their offer.


Who else is responsible for valuing truck accident cases?


Another party that values truck accident cases is the court. If an individual were to file a personal injury lawsuit against a trucking company and/or truck driver in Illinois, while their lawyer can request that the court order the company to pay “x” amount of dollars to the victim, the judge overseeing the case will make the final decision.


How to obtain an estimate for a truck accident case in Illinois?


If an individual or a loved one of theirs was injured in a semi or tractor-trailer truck accident and they would like to receive a realistic estimate for what their case is worth, they are encouraged to contact Ryan Rice Attorney at Law. Ryan Rice Attorney at Law offers free consultations to truck accident victims and would be happy to discuss with an injured party their right to compensation.


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