If you are contacted by the parties mentioned below, you need to be extremely careful in how you respond to their questions if you are seeking compensation for the damage and/or injuries you suffered in the accident.


After engaging in a truck collision, you might find that you are being contacted by a number of different people trying to obtain answers to some of the questions they have regarding the recent wreck you were involved in. Although it may not seem like a big deal to provide these individuals with the information they are seeking, the truth is, it can be. Because the collision likely resulted in your vehicle sustaining damage and you suffering injuries, the trucking company, insurance carrier, etc. may all attempt to contact you in hopes of getting you to say something that could potentially remove the blame from their employee/claimant and put it onto you.

So, if you were recently involved in a semi-truck accident in Fargo, ND, below we are highlighting a few parties you need to be careful of in the event they attempt to contact you.


  1. The trucking company’s legal representative.


If you are contacted by the trucking company’s legal representative, you will want to refrain from providing them with a statement regarding the accident. The fact is, the company’s representative has a way of wording their questions to make them seem as though they are looking to obtain basic information. But, in reality, they may be asking you things so that when you provide an answer, they can later twist your words around which could ultimately lead to you losing your case. The fact is, these individuals are looking out for the best interest of their client, not you, so they will do what they can to help lift some, if not all, of the liability from their client. So, rather than say anything that could harm the outcome of your case, simply refer them to your ND truck accident attorney who will know how to properly address the situation.


  1. The trucking company’s insurer.


If the trucking company’s insurer contacts you for a recorded statement or just to gain some information regarding the accident, it is best you also refer them to your lawyer who will know how to handle the questions that are thrown at them. The reality is, while the insurance adjuster who called you may seem sympathetic and concerned about your wellbeing, they work for a business and operate in such a way. What this means is that they are looking for ways to save money, even on your claim.


  1. Your insurer.


When contacted by an insurance adjuster from your insurance carrier, it is best you handle the situation in the same way we described above. According to the North Dakota Insurance Department, the insurance adjuster has the ability to provide you with a settlement offer, so you can expect that they will be looking for ways to cut costs and won’t hesitate to reduce your claim so that they don’t have to pay out as much money as you might actually be entitled to recover. Therefore, rather than say something that could lead to your claim being reduced by thousands of dollars, provide your insurance agent with your attorney’s information so that they can answer all of the questions the adjuster has.

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Rather than risk losing out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your truck accident claim, it is best you let a ND trucking accident lawyer speak with the parties mentioned above.

Now, if you haven’t yet contacted a truck accident lawyer in Fargo, ND but are ready to speak with someone who can help you get through this tough and confusing time, contact USAttorneys.com today. We can connect you with a legal professional in your area who is willing and able to provide you with the services you are seeking.