Who is responsible when poor road conditions cause a truck accident in Albuquerque?

Albuquerque, NM – The roads can always become dangerous due to things like poor weather and other problems that may be outside of the driver’s control. When this happens, all drivers should always do what is necessary to try to proceed safely and avoid taking unnecessary risks. This is especially true for truck drivers who can potentially cause very large amounts of damage if they lose control of their vehicle on a road while surrounded by many other cars and trucks. After any accident Albuquerque truck accident lawyers can assist the victims with finding the cause of the accident and determining liability. 

Negligence by a commercial driver

Even when poor road conditions are an issue, it is still possible that the driver’s negligence may be the ultimate cause of the accident. Things like a failure to drive safely given the road conditions, along with other traffic violations such as speeding may potentially be relevant. An investigation by the local police should be able to help determine exactly what the truck driver was doing in the moments before the crash and if they made any mistakes that could have potentially caused the crash. Drivers also should receive training regarding how to proceed safely even in situations where the roads may be wet, icy, or covered in debris. 

Issues with government liability

In some situations, the poor road conditions may have been caused by the negligence of the local government that is responsible for maintaining the road where the crash took place. If the plaintiff wants to name the government as a defendant, they will need to provide some kind of specific evidence, such as prior notice of the road conditions or accidents and a failure to act by the government. Because there are some specific concerns when the government needs to be sued in civil court, Albuquerque accident lawyers should be consulted for specific information about the potential of the victim to win their case.  

Road design issues 

Another way that other parties can be implicated in a lawsuit is through issues with the design and construction of a road. Any company or government that undertakes the creation of a road system should have researched potential safety issues in order to create a safe way for drivers to get to their destinations. If a particular road system has resulted in many injuries and fatalities, this can be relevant in a negligence lawsuit. The company or entity responsible may have to pay damages to all of the victims through a settlement.

Truck accident lawyers in Albuquerque

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