Sometimes, truck drivers make minor mistakes when entering or exiting an area that can result in serious property damage and traffic delays. There are a number of different scenarios that can unfold related to whether the driver was injured and who owns the property that was damaged.

The Tucson Police released photos and social media updates related to a truck driver who crashed into a large utility pole as the vehicle entered a parking lot, shutting down the roads in the area.

Roads closed after trucker downs utility pole

The photos posted by the police clearly show the side of a large trailer against the pole. The structure is tilted and looks like it is about to fall onto the roadway below. The back part of the trailer can also be seen blocking traffic lanes, as it is halfway into a parking lot and part of the vehicle was still in the road.

Both north and southbound lanes on Flowing Wells Road had to be shut down while the area was secured. The police stated that no one was hurt, but the entire pole needed to be replaced as a safety precaution. There was no information related to whether the driver would be charged or given any traffic citations.

Lawsuits against the driver

The owners of any piece of property that is damaged or destroyed by a truck driver can file a lawsuit against the company that owns the vehicle. This is commonly done after all kinds of motor vehicle accidents where fault is established based on careless or irresponsible driving. A business or government may also have special insurance that covers this kind of property damage. If this is the case, an insurance claim may be a the best option.

Negligence cases

The type of civil case that allows victims to ask for compensation related to personal injuries or property damage is called a negligence case. The elements of negligence are related to a driver breaching their duty of care on the roads and causing harm to others. The injured party may file this kind of case to have their property repaired after an accident and ask for a specific amount of money that corresponds to the cost of repairs.

Workers compensation claims

Drivers may also have a right to workers compensation, which is the most common way for any employee to be paid for their lost wages. There are usually only a few requirements, such as the accident must have happened while the driver was working. This claim can be filed regardless of who is at fault, and the amount paid out is related to the amount of time the person will actually miss from work. There are lawyers who specialize in helping injured workers file workers compensation claims properly.

Get help from a truck accident attorney

There are lawyers in Tucson and other nearby parts of Arizona who can assist you with filing a lawsuit against a trucking company or any other party responsible for an accident. The listings on this site will help you contact an attorney in your area.