Austin, TX—As a result of cellphones evolving, many states have seen the number of distracted driving accidents increase. In Texas alone, 364 people suffered fatal injuries and 2,200 suffered severe injuries as a result of a distracted driving crash in 2020.1 Although the State of Texas changed its laws on September 1, 2017, according to the Texas Department of Transportation and made it illegal to “read, write, or send a text while driving,” that hasn’t stopped individuals from using their cellphones while behind the wheel of their cars or trucks.

If an individual was recently involved in a collision with a distracted truck driver in Austin and they aren’t sure who they should turn to for financial relief, they can always reach out to a truck accident lawyer in Texas who would be happy to determine this for them.


Establishing Liability After an Accident Involving a Truck Driver Who Was Texting


Although one might assume that a truck driver is the party who should provide a victim with compensation as he/she was the one who caused the collision, that isn’t always the case when the incident involves the operator of a large truck. The fact is, many trucking companies are actually liable for the accidents their drivers cause, and therefore, a texting while driving accident victim may need to file a claim with the company’s insurer.

And because trucking companies are generally required to carry higher limits of insurance coverage compared to the driver of a passenger vehicle, an accident victim may be able to recover a substantial amount just by filing an insurance claim. However, it is worth noting that insurance companies aren’t going to hand over a check that easily as they are often more concerned with protecting their profits rather helping an accident victim get their life back on track.


Recovering a Fair Amount of Compensation from a Trucking Company’s Insurance Carrier


If an individual is looking to recover the maximum amount they are due from the trucking company’s insurer, they are going to want to have an Austin, TX truck accident lawyer representing them. While it’s easy to say the truck driver was distracted and texting, the insurer is likely going to want proof that the collision was the trucker’s fault as well as evidence to support why the victim should be provided with financial relief.

Gathering the evidence needed to accomplish all of this can be time-consuming and confusing which is why truck accident victims are encouraged to hire a lawyer who can handle all of this for them.

Truck accident victims who are looking for a reputable truck accident attorney in the Austin, TX area who is willing to defend their right to compensation and fight for a favorable outcome can contact Robson Law Firm. The attorneys at Robson Law Firm have recovered more than $45 million in compensation for past clients and are ready to help anyone else who has been injured by a negligent truck driver in Texas.


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