Some automobile accidents have unusual fact patterns, due to the involvement of a stolen vehicle.

A teenager stole a truck and later crashed it through a McDonald’s in New Orleans East.

Truck drives into a McDonald’s

The police were in pursuit of a stolen Chevy Silverado on a Monday morning. The McDonald’s was located near the intersection of Interstate 10 Service Road and Read Boulevard. At some point, the minor lost control of the vehicle and it slammed into the side of the fast food establishment during operating hours. Surveillance video shows the truck go through a guard rail, then hit near the corner of the building where some glass from a large window broke and fell inside. The 15 year old driver then exits the vehicle and tries to flee on foot before he was arrested. A warrant was also issued for one other young man who is suspected to have been involved with the incident.

The owner of the restaurant stated that about 8 customers and 14 employees were inside at the time of the impact, but it seems that no one was seriously injured. He was able to reopen the restaurant in a limited capacity at about 4pm that same day.

The local police from St. Bernard Parish released a statement that they believe this same suspect is responsible for multiple vehicle thefts and burglaries in the area, although he has not yet been formally charged for any of those incidents.

What parties may be held responsible in a civil lawsuit?

The business owner and victims inside the restaurant may want to file a civil lawsuit against the driver of the stolen truck to be compensated for their losses and injuries, but this is not a simple inquiry. A situation such as this is complex because there are multiple different parties involved and there is an intervening criminal act of auto theft that is one of the direct causes of the damage to the restaurant and people nearby. In some situations, intervening criminal acts will absolve everyone but the criminal from civil liability as the law generally does not impose a duty to protect against unforeseeable criminal activity.

However, some of the customers inside may also want to hold the restaurant accountable for their injuries. The condition of the restaurant and outdoor parking areas may be a factor if it is especially susceptible from damage from nearby cars or lacking in safety features.

The liability of the McDonald’s would likely turn into a factual inquiry based on the specifics of the restaurant layout. The restaurant may also have business insurance available to cover these kinds of damages to its own building as well as injured customers who were inside or nearby. These insurance claims may be one way for victims to be compensated.

Speak to an attorney about a recent accident

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