Some accidents cause additional problems related to a fire after the initial impact. A truck crash in Overland Park Kansas resulted in injuries to the driver and caused a fire on Interstate 435.

Truck bursts into flames near construction zone on highway

Police believe the driver may have had a sudden medical issue that was the immediate cause of the crash. Witnesses from a nearby office building said they heard a loud banging noise, then looked outside and saw a large fire on the highway. One of the people in the building recorded a video and stated that it looked like a section of the road spanning over one hundred feet was covered in flames. Many other drivers nearby also exited their vehicles to try to assist those near the fire who may have been trapped. The driver of the truck was removed from the cab of his vehicle by those helping at the scene and he was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. As roads nearby were closed, investigators determined that this seemed to be a one vehicle accident.

The Kansas Department of Transportation said that similar accidents near the construction zones have been related to distracted driving or speeding. They may recommend changes to this construction zone and others nearby depending on their findings and the results of the accident investigation.

Who is responsible for the fire?

The party who is found to be at fault for causing the accident will also be responsible for the fire at the scene and any other related damages that can immediately be tied to the same collision.

Causation in civil negligence cases

One of the elements of a negligence lawsuit is causation. If the person who caused the accident also caused the fire, they are responsible for damages caused by both.

There are some situations in personal injury law where remote problems may not be considered a proximate or actual cause of an accident or injury. However, this fire was clearly related to the initial crash at the scene. There may also be additional liability for combustible materials that were not stored or transported properly, as businesses and construction companies can be held responsible if their hazardous materials cause injuries. Causation can become a complex issue at times, which is why it is important to discuss the specifics of an accident with your lawyer before making any conclusions.

Damages related to a fire

Problems caused by a fire can include property damage, smoke inhalation, burns, or even fatalities. This means that fires are a serious source of liability for both businesses and truck drivers. Those who are injured may require permanent medical treatment, or family members of victims can file a wrongful death lawsuit if someone is killed.

Talk to a truck accident attorney in Overland Park

If you have been injured in any kind of a motor vehicle accident, it is recommended that you speak with someone about the possibility of filing a lawsuit. Attorneys at Jenkins Legal, LLC will help you with the process of deciding on a course of action and bringing a case related to your injuries.