When single vehicle accidents occur, the most common explanation is that the driver must have committed an error and lost control. While this is definitely a possibility, there are some other reasons why a single vehicle accident can still result in lawsuits or insurance issues.

A section of downtown Richmond, Virginia needed to be temporarily closed after a truck collided with a pole on the side of the road.

Truck driver collides with a pole in Richmond and causes road closure

An investigation by the Richmond Police revealed that the single vehicle accident involving a truck and a pole happened on Oliver Hill Way close to the Richmond City Justice Center. The truck was carrying food waste as its cargo, and the impact caused the truck to overturn. The pole to fell over after it was hit and partially obstruct the road. No serious injuries occurred at the scene and drivers were advised that the road would be closed for a short period of time while the pole was replaced.

What are all of the possibilities regarding fault?

There are a number of ways that fault can be determined in a single car accident. Sometimes, things like poor weather and road conditions that make driving large vehicles much more difficult. In these situations, insurance can usually cover the damages as they are more likely to be categorized as unforeseeable rather than assigning fault to a person or business.

Another possibility is that the driver lost control for some reason that is due to their own fault rather than anything done by another driver or conditions external to the vehicle. In this case, those who experienced property damage may want to file a lawsuit against the driver or their employer to make them pay for the damage to their structures. Your accident lawyer can file a negligence case in this situation to make the person or business responsible have to pay for the cost of repairs and other services to restore the property to the condition it was in before the accident.

There is also the possibility of a situation where things like road conditions caused by a construction company or another driver that was not involved in the accident were at fault to some degree. It may be possible to investigate the scene of the accident and file a lawsuit after the identities of these other parties are discovered.

What is the value of this kind of case?

The value of any lawsuit involving personal injuries or property damage will vary greatly depending on the amount of damage cause by the accident. Severe crashes that cause serious injuries or extensive property damage will allow a lawyer to make an argument for larger amounts to be paid out than a minor collision that causes minimal damage.

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