Truck accident cases often require a lot of investigation in order to properly determine who the guilty party is. One of the first ways in which a case will be investigated is through the truck drivers Driver Qualification File. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires every driver to have one and the file contains a complete and comprehensive record of their driving records, their driving history, and even their medical test results.

After a truck accident attorney in Overland Park, KS takes a look at the Driver Qualification File of the truck driver in question, they will most likely take a look at the electronic on-board recorder which is generally placed in most trucks. Other investigative steps which will be undertaken include:

  • Collecting eye-witnesses and questioning them
  • Going over police reports
  • Examining the scene of the accident in detail

Once all of the above is completed then an investigation is considered complete and a person can begin the litigation process and begin claiming insurance from the relative insurance company based on the information and pieces of evidence which they had gathered.

Why are truck accidents so common?

Truck accidents are very common because of how hard trucks can be to maneuver. Also, truck drivers often do not follow the schedules of ordinary automobile drivers. They often have to travel for very long periods of time and with minimal breaks. This can lead them to face drivers fatigue and get drowsy or even fall asleep while driving.

Not only that but due to the nature of their job it may make them more irritable and more prone to aggressive driving behaviors which can potentially lead them to get into an accident. Truck accidents are even more common during poor weather conditions. Since their vehicles are so much larger it can be a nearly impossible task keeping them aligned while driving in windy, rainy, and slippery weather conditions.

Sometimes the accident is not preventable and occurs due to bad weather or uncontrollable circumstances. However, in most cases, a collision will occur due to the negligence of one of the involved parties. Anyone who has been hit by a truck should call a truck accident lawyer at their earliest convenience to begin the litigation process. Truckers are required to follow very specific trucking guidelines and a lawyer needs to be familiar with all of these guidelines in order to litigate effectively against them.  A person should always call their attorney right after the accident occurs, prior to even calling their insurance company. The sooner a person has a legal professional on their side the sooner they can begin investigating and filing their case with the appropriate authorities. If a person wishes to get their case taken care of as soon as possible and they do not want to delay receiving their compensation they should call an attorney to begin immediately.