Getting into a truck accident can leave a person with physical injuries and a completely destroyed vehicle. Not only do individuals suffer visibly after a serious truck accident, but they generally also suffer a lot of stress, emotional distress, and even psychological trauma which can later present itself as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Facing a truck accident is no small matter and it can easily turn a person’s life around in a most unpleasant way. Anyone who has been hit by a truck driver should definitely take legal action in order to receive monetary compensation for their pain and losses.

Unlike regular car accidents, truck accidents involve many different parties who can all potentially be held liable for the crash. Police officers and other investigators will examine the scene of the accident and interview the relevant individuals to determine what the actual cause of the accident may have been. Depending on the cause, the appropriate party will be called to court and asked to pay for the damages.

Some of the possible parties who can be held liable include:

  • The truck driver themselves– if they were driving under the influence, violating traffic laws, or under-qualified to drive
  • The trucking company– if they did not follow proper procedure when hiring the truck driver or if they compelled the driver to continue driving despite knowing they were not licensed
  • The cargo company– if they failed to load the cargo appropriately or they failed to fasten the cargo down and follow the legal limit for weight
  • The truck manufacturing company– if one of the truck parts suddenly stopped working
  • The truck maintenance company– If they failed to maintain the truck properly

There are many different parties who can be held accountable and it is always a good idea for the victim to contact a truck accident lawyer in Rhinelander, WI to ensure that they are not given a lower offer then they deserve from the guilty party. Having a lawyer on board is always a major asset because of the experience and skill they bring to the table. Truck accident lawyers have dealt with numerous insurance companies in the past and they are well aware of the legal avenues which need to be undertaken in order to ascertain the company gives a person as much as they are eligible to attain according to the law.

What should I avoid doing if I get hit by a truck?

A person should avoid panicking and losing control of their emotions after the accident. This may be easier said than done, but it is vital that a person stays calm after the accident so that they can quickly get to safety and check up on their health and the health of everyone else involved in the crash. Individuals should also avoid calling their insurance company until after their lawyer has spoken to them and helped them figure out how much compensation they will need and which possible parties they can make their claim against.