truck accident lawyers in Santa Rosa, CA

If you suffered injuries in a dump truck accident in Santa Rosa, CA, connect with a truck accident lawyer who can determine if you should file a lawsuit against the operator of the truck.

Dump truck drivers are expected to exercise care and caution while operating their vehicles to reduce the chances of them engaging in an accident with another driver, pedestrian, bicyclist, etc. In the event a dump truck driver has failed to do either which resulted in an accident, they as well as the company they are employed by, may be held liable for any damage they have caused. This includes property damage as well as any injuries those involved in the incident sustained.

One way a victim or their surviving family can recognize a dump truck driver in Santa Rosa, CA for causing a collision or other type of accident is by filing a lawsuit against him or her. When filing a personal injury lawsuit, you will be required to provide proof that the trucker was negligent in some way. This means the trucker failed to exercise the level of care that was expected of him/her. Some examples of what would constitute as a negligent dump truck driver include:


  1. The driver hit another vehicle, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian after failing to maintain a safe speed that not only complied with state laws but also the speed limit regulations that have been set for the size and weight of the dump truck itself. There are trucks that are limited in how fast they can go despite what the posted limit might be.
  2. A trucker crashed into another vehicle after making an unsafe lane change. Although truck drivers are expected to undergo a certain amount of training before they are permitted to operate these vehicles, some fail to receive the
  3. The dump truck operator nodded off while driving the vehicle which caused him or her to veer into another lane, and into another vehicle.
  4. The trucking company failed to properly cover the materials that were being transported which resulted in objects falling from the truck and into the path of another motorist. According to California Vehicle Code 23114, most truck drivers are required to secure and cover their loads to prevent any of the contents from blowing or spilling out. When they fail to do this, both the company and even the driver may be held accountable for the damage and injuries they cause.


truck accident lawyers in Santa Rosa, CA

A dump truck accident attorney can help you determine how much your injuries are worth and what parties you can hold liable for compensation.

Now, in order to prove a trucker was negligent, you will need to cite the laws or regulations the trucker violated if you want to obtain a successful outcome in your case. Because most accident victims are looking to focus their attention on recovering from the incident and not on building a solid case against a trucker, most choose to retain an experienced Santa Rosa, CA truck accident lawyer who can help them. Merely accusing a trucker of doing something wrong isn’t going to be enough to win your case which is why you’ll need a legal expert who is qualified to in this particular field of law helping you.

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