After someone is affected by a truck accident, the best thing they can do is to get legal help to pay for any problems caused by the incident.

A box truck crash on Tappan Zee Bridge near White Plains slowed up traffic for hours and caused property damage.

Truck accident causes major delays 

Local news for the White Plains area reported that a box truck crashed on a Friday afternoon as it was heading towards Westchester. The New York State Police found the vehicle near Exit 13 in Tarrytown. The bus lane and shoulder on the southbound side of the road would remain closed for some time while repairs were made in the area.

No serious injuries were reported, but it took time to clear the debris from the road and traffic was backed up for several hours.

Lawsuits against trucking companies

While traffic delays and inconveniences cannot become the basis for a lawsuit, property damage or injuries that directly result from the fault of another driver are actionable in personal injury lawsuits. Lawyers will usually file the lawsuit against the company that owns the truck and hired the driver. There are several reasons for this.

Because truckers are routinely engaged in the business of driving and their employers hire them for this purpose, the employer can be held accountable for any accidents caused by the driver while they are working. It is a basic principle of tort law and personal injury cases that employers will always be liable for negligent actions of employees as long as they are engaged in some kind of normal job duties when the accident happens.

The rationale behind this rule is that if a business profits from a certain kind of activity, they should also be made to answer if they make mistakes that cost others. Some businesses try to categorize their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees to avoid liability, so it is important to have an experienced attorney handle this matter.

Negligence cases

The basic format of the lawsuit that will be filed against the employer has a few crucial elements. The plaintiff’s lawyer must prove that a relevant duty of care existed, the employee breached that duty, the breach caused an accident, and the accident resulted in some kind of injuries or property damage. All drivers have a relevant duty of care on the roads to drive in a safe and responsible manner. Therefore, lawyers usually only have to prove that a driver was at fault for the accident and the value of a person’s injuries or property damage and repairs.

Damages are significant because a lawyer can use evidence such as medical bills or estimates of property repairs to prove that the defendant owes a certain amount of money to the injured party. In cases involving serious injuries, extensive property damage, or death these amounts can possibly reach thousands or millions of dollars.

Talk with a lawyer who specializes in truck accidents

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