Nashville, TN – There are certain factors that make the roads more dangerous in any location. Conditions related to weather, reduced visibility, and construction or obstacles in the area can all affect drivers and make them more likely to have an accident. For truck driving accidents specifically, the nighttime hours seem to be the most dangerous. Anyone who has been harmed in a truck accident has the right to sue the company that owns the vehicle. 

Crash data related to truck collisions

Data has shown that a majority of truck accidents happen between the hours of 6 PM and 6 AM. The weekdays also have more accidents, likely because most people work during the week and need to commute on these days, which leads to an overall traffic increase. This data is consistent for all types of crashes, from those that cause only minor injuries, to fatal and severe collisions. 

Reasons for accidents at night

There are a number of additional factors that contribute to the greater possibility of accidents at night. Drivers who have been working all day are more likely to be fatigued from their shift, and if they have to drive again while tired, they can make mistakes. Impaired and intoxicated drivers are also more prevalent on the roads at night, meaning even if it is not the truck driver’s fault, another driver who is under the influence may strike their vehicle. A condition that is outside of the control of any driver is reduced visibility. Drivers have trouble seeing other vehicles, signs, and pedestrians in the dark, and even having proper lighting on a vehicle is not a perfect solution. Glare from lights on the road can also reduce visibility suddenly, making likely that a temporarily blinded driver will hit an obstacle. Heavy traffic during the nighttime rush hours from approximately 4 PM to 7 PM is also a dangerous time for drivers to be on the roads in just about every major city in the country. 

Lawsuits against truck drivers

Regardless of whether an accident involving a truck was caused by human error or other external factors, it is possible for the victim to bring a civil lawsuit for compensation. The individual driver and the company that owns the truck can both be attached as defendants and made to pay for all of the victim’s losses, including lost income and wages, property damage, healthcare costs, and non-economic damages for pain and suffering. The plaintiff and their attorney must prove that the truck driver engaged in some kind of negligent behavior, such as driving while fatigued or violating a relevant traffic law. 

More information about truck accidents in Tennessee

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