What types of things do truckers do to prevent accidents in Gardere?


Gardere, LA – Safety is always a concern for operators of semi trucks and similar vehicles. A truck crash can result in serious injuries, property damage, exposure to hazardous materials, and even fatalities if the driver is not careful. The driver and their employer may ultimately be responsible for significant costs such as medical treatment for the victims if they are found liable. This is why truckers perform various actions to help minimize the chance of an accident and remain safe on the roads.  

After any accident, those who were involved can speak with an attorney to see if a lawsuit for compensation is necessary. 

CDL requirements

Before a driver is ever able to operate a semi truck or similar vehicle legally, they will need certain kinds of training that are more extensive than what drivers of standard vehicles receive. This includes written knowledge tests, road tests on the type of vehicle that they will use, and a medical examination before they can receive their commercial driver’s license. A person who has already had issues with traffic violations, substance abuse, or crime may also have difficulty passing a background check and finding employment as a commercial driver.  

Regulations about mandatory break and rest periods

All truckers need to have knowledge of and follow regulations that dictate when they need to take breaks or stop working for the day. These limitations on driving time can be effective in reducing accidents due to problems such as fatigue and distractions. The federal transportation regulations regarding driving time and breaks are so important that law enforcement can even check the driver’s logbook and take the vehicle out of service if there are violations of these regulations.

Vehicle checks

A truck should be checked and maintained regularly due to problems such as brake and tire failures that can happen during a delivery. These kinds of vehicle checks and inspections should happen before beginning a trip, and immediately anytime a driver notices a problem or safety issue. Many companies that own fleets of trucks and other commercial vehicles have regular maintenance protocols in place so that problems are discovered and fixed before accidents can occur.

Assistance from technology

Aside from this training, there are also new features being developed that help drivers of large commercial vehicles with visibility and they can give warnings before a collision. These items are not required by law, although the vehicles that have these additional features are considered to be safer. 

Truck accident attorneys in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that handles accident lawsuits for clients in Gardere and other parts of Louisiana. Their attorneys have significant experience with all matters related to obtaining compensation for injured clients. 

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