If an individual suffered injuries in a truck accident in Salt Lake City, UT and they are looking to collect compensation from either the insurance company or by filing a personal injury lawsuit, certain types of evidence can be used to support their case. Below is a brief outline of some of the things a truck accident victim will want to have handy when filing a claim or lawsuit:


  • Police report

If 911 was called after an accident, a police officer should have been dispatched to the scene where he/she collected information and generated a report containing all of it. Some of the information that is usually found in a police report includes:

  • The date and time the incident occurred.
  • Whether any parties suffered injuries.
  • The estimated value of the property damage that was sustained.
  • Who was at fault for causing the collision.
  • Whether any citations were issued or if any arrests were made.


Individuals who were involved in a truck accident in Salt Lake City can request a copy of their accident report by contacting the Salt Lake City Police Department.


  • Medical reports

If a car crash victim had to undergo any type of medical treatment following an accident, they will want to gather their medical reports that highlight the types of injuries they suffered along with how severe they are. This will help the insurance company determine how much should be provided for medical expenses and lost wages if a person’s injuries prevent them from working.

If a truck accident victim is filing a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver and/or a trucking company, medical reports can be used to value how much they should receive for things like pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and more.


  • Witness statements 

If liability is being questioned, witness statements can be used to corroborate a victim’s account of the accident. They can also provide additional information that can be used to help a victim build their case against another driver.


Individuals who are looking to build a solid case against a negligent trucker can contact USAttorneys.com to get connected with a truck accident lawyer in Salt Lake City who can provide them with legal help and advice. Navigating both the insurance claims process and the personal injury lawsuit process can be challenging, especially for those who are unaware of what their legal rights are or how much their case is worth.

Those who would like assistance with recovering compensation to help cover the accident-related expenses they have incurred should schedule a free consultation with a Salt Lake City, UT truck accident lawyer to have their case assessed and valued.

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