Durham, NC – When a company needs to hire truck drivers to make deliveries, there are a number of regulations that must be reviewed before the job can be started. If the business does not adhere to these regulations, they can be fined during vehicle inspections, or they may be sued when a driver causes an accident. Various government entities have reviewed data from drivers and accidents over the years to come up with restrictions that are likely to help prevent accidents and associated problems. Considering that the cost of a trucking accident usually reaches into hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is imperative for all organizations in this line of work to comply with the relevant rules. 

Vehicle maintenance 

Things like problems with brakes and tires are a very common cause of accidents on large vehicles. Regular vehicle maintenance can discover these problems and fix them before the driver has an issue while going at a high speed with other cars nearby. Not being able to brake in time can be devastating if this problem happens on a highway. 

Many trucking companies have created their own programs for regular vehicle maintenance to attempt to limit the possibility of collisions and associated financial liability. 

Working hours and break times

Drivers are prohibited by federal transportation regulations from being behind the wheel for an entire day without stopping. This is important because many drivers face tight deadlines and feel rushed and stressed by the need to complete a delivery. However, working while fatigued or distracted makes it much more likely that there will be an accident, serious financial losses, and the job cannot be completed at all. 

Restrictions on substance abuse

While driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in every state, there are more severe consequences for those who have a commercial driver’s license. Someone convicted of an intoxicated driving offense may lose their ability to drive commercial vehicles for an extended period of time, or even permanently. These regulations are necessary, as a truck driver who is intoxicated is an extreme danger to others when they are attempting to operate a large, heavy vehicle. 

Regular inspections

Vehicles are inspected by government agencies at regular intervals. This can be for proper credentials and insurance, observance of cargo and weight limits, and other issues related to vehicle functions and maintenance. Companies are given an incentive to be prepared for these inspections, as violations can result in delays of service and financial consequences for the parent company as well as the driver. 

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