Pedestrian safety is one of the most important things parents must discuss with their children who catch the school bus to and from school. Many of the kids who ride the bus are required to cross the street to get to their bus and even when they get off to get back home. Now, because it has been estimated that during the 2017-2018 school year, there have already been 84,000 vehicles that passed school buses illegally, it means children, now more than ever, who must cross the road need to be vigilant and aware so that they don’t get hit by a car or truck.

As severe and life-threatening as car accidents car be, those involving trucks tend to be much worse. Therefore, it is vital that your child understand how to properly cross the roadway when entering or exiting their school bus to prevent from being hit by a driver who isn’t paying attention or one who failed to yield to the stopped school bus. CBS Baltimore highlighted the details from an incident that transpired in Maryland in 2018 involving a seven-year-old girl who was hit by a pickup truck while crossing the street after having exited her bus. The girl, who was identified as Skyla Shirriel, had to be flown to Children’s National Hospital in Washington after suffering critical injuries.

CBS Baltimore even reported that Shirriel had to be placed in a medically induced coma. The reason this incident occurred is because the driver failed to stop and wait for the school bus even after it had its flashing red lights activated and its stop sign arm extended. Now, because kids and teens who ride the bus cannot depend on drivers of cars and trucks to stop for a school bus that is unloading or loading children even though the law requires them to do so, below are a few safety tips you can share with your kids so they don’t become yet another victim to one of these unfortunate accidents.


Tips for Crossing the Street Safely


When kids cross the roadway to get onto the school bus they should:

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Small children and even teenagers need to be reminded on how to safely cross the street when entering or exiting their school bus. Many often assume that just because the law stipulates that a car or truck driver must stop for them, not always will motorists obey these laws.

  • Wait for the bus driver to stop and give them a signal that it is safe for them to cross the street. it is important that kids make contact with their bus driver so that they know it is time for them to cross and board.
  • Check for traffic in both directions. Kids should check at least twice for any oncoming cars. You will want to remind your child that just because the school bus has the right of way and drivers are required to stop, it doesn’t mean they always will.
  • Walk directly across the street and avoid playing while in the street.
  • Walk approximately 12 feet, which is equivalent to six giant steps ahead of the bus’ bumper.
  • Board the bus quickly.

[Source: Cincinnati Public Schools].


When students are exiting their bus, Cincinnati Public Schools also encourages kids to:


  • Walk along the side of the road until you can physically see your bus driver.
  • Stop and wait for the bus driver to give a signal to cross.
  • Again, look for traffic in both directions. This cannot be reiterated enough as many kids think that just because a car or truck driver is required to stop that they will. Based on the information provided above, it is evident that thousands and thousands of drivers ignore school bus traffic laws which directly threatens the lives of children.
  • After exiting the bus and checking that the road is clear of traffic or that the vehicles have stopped, kids should cross the roadway quickly.


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