There are specific rules which truckers have to follow when they are transporting their cargo in Yuma, Arizona. The main purposes of these regulations are to ensure the safety of the other drivers who share the road with them and also to ensure the safety of the truck driver themselves.

If a trucker fails to follow the rules they will most probably be penalized legally. In order to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law, it is integral that every truck driver takes the time to educate themselves on the regulations they are required to follow. A truck accident lawyer in Yuma, AZ can educate a person on all of the rules which are specifically for Arizona truck drivers so that a person is able to ensure they are not breaking the law.

Some of the basic rules which Arizona truck drivers have to follow include:

  • Commercial truck drivers cannot drive more than 65 miles per hour on the road
  • Truck drivers must ensure their truck is no longer than 28 feet long. (However, truck drivers are allowed to pull two trailers at once provided it does exceed 57 feet in total)
  • Splash guards must be installed to prevent other cars from getting hit by debris and water
  • Truck drivers must have the appropriate license and training before they operate their vehicle
  • Truck drivers must follow the rules regarding how many hours of service they are allowed to give in a week

If any of these rules are broken it could lead to the truck driver having to pay hefty fines. It is always best to follow the rules because following them makes the road a safer place for everyone and it can help prevent unnecessary damages and uncalled for loss of life as well.

When is it required to call a lawyer after a truck accident?

Since truck accidents are generally very large scale, it is almost always necessary to contact a lawyer at a person’s earliest convenience. However, if any individual faced serious injuries in the crash, especially injuries large enough to prevent them from being able to work, it is vital that a lawyer be contacted to help a person fight for compensation.

Even if a person wasn’t physically injured themselves, but their vehicle was badly damaged then they should consider getting in touch with a lawyer to help them fight their case in order to ensure they get the maximum amount of compensation which is due to them.

Another scenario in which calling an attorney is a good idea is if a person received an unfairly small offer of compensation from their insurance company after filing an insurance claim. A lawyer will be able to put in a counteroffer and help a person fight for the right to more compensation based on the company’s policies and the laws of the state which they currently reside in.