What should I do when a truck causes damage to my property in Minneapolis Minnesota?

Truckers often have issues with not paying attention or falling asleep on long drives and colliding with various structures. In these situations, the property damage is usually severe and results in a total loss for the owner. There are a few things that can be done regarding insurance claims and lawsuits which will help the property owner get some or all of their money back after the accident. However, it is still recommended to also retain a lawyer to help deal with the situation.

Semi truck causes damage and delays at Minneapolis airport

A large semi truck was attempting to enter terminal 1 at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport when it hit the clearance bars, got stuck, and caused major traffic delays for several hours. An airport spokesperson released a statement that the truck hit an initial set of headache bars that function as clearance reminders, then kept going and caused further damage because it was too large to fit into the terminal.

After the accident, traffic was diverted into the lower level near the baggage claim area, and delayed for several hours. At the time of the report it was unknown whether there were any injuries or if the driver will receive any kind of traffic citations or criminal charges related to the incident.

What is the process to get paid after an accident?

The property owner will usually try to assess the damage first and come up with an estimate for repairs based on experts who can rebuild or fix the damage. It is important to retain copies of any documentation they provide related to the cost of repairs. In some instances, they may also give expert testimony in a deposition or in court to give greater detail about the repairs that will be necessary and the associated costs. This is a way of proving the value of the damage, which also needs to be included in the initial paperwork that is filed in court to begin the process of a lawsuit.

It is best to file insurance claims related to the structure in situations where business or personal coverage exists. However, this process is not always easy, and it still may be necessary to retain an attorney to sue the trucking company responsible, and handle any administrative issues with the insurance claim. Keep in mind that many businesses and insurance companies will have their own defense attorneys, so it is best to hire an aggressive and experienced lawyer to make sure you are compensated appropriately.

In cases where a truck driver acted recklessly due to behaviors such as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or driving at prohibited times based on transportation regulations, there may be additional damages available to deter this kind of behavior. All accident lawyers are familiar with the concept of punitive damages. These are large amounts a driver and employer will have to pay out as a form of punishment for unacceptable behavior that caused property damage or injuries. After receiving some basic information about your case, a truck accident lawyer should have an estimate of the available damages that can be paid to you at the conclusion of the case.

Get help after a truck accident now

If someone working for a trucking business has recently damaged your property or injured you, it is best to retain a lawyer as soon as possible. The trial attorneys at Florin and Roebig have offices in Minnesota, Florida, Colorado, and Texas. They offer free case evaluations to clients, and the firm has collected almost $1 billion in damages over the years.