Private sanitation companies have been an ongoing issue for individuals in Brooklyn, NY as many of them are not only guilty of violating a number of state laws but also of causing a significant number of fatal crashes since 2016. In fact, the current NYPD Chief of Department stated that after officials conducted a spot check recently on some of these private trucks, they found that many of the vehicles that are operating on the roadways have worn-out brakes, fuel leaks, and even lights that don’t work [Source: ABC 7]. And in just a few hours of inspecting vehicles in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, 57 summonses were issued to companies in Brooklyn and another 47 to those operating out of Manhattan.

Aside from the staggering number of violations that were issued along with the defective equipment found on these trucks that make them unsafe to operate, police say the drivers of some of these private vehicles also run red lights and drive through intersections in an unsafe manner. Therefore, if you were recently involved in a wreck with a garbage truck in Brooklyn, NY that is operated by a private company, there are a number of steps you can take to hold that driver accountable for their negligent actions.


  1. You can contact your local NYPD and report the accident along with the company who caused it. Given the history many of these companies have, not only might the driver be issued a ticket, but the company may also receive summonses for traffic and equipment violations given the responding officer is able to find any.


  1. Contact a truck accident lawyer in Brooklyn, NYDepending on the severity of the accident, you may need an attorney to step in and help you to take the necessary forms of action in order to recover the compensation you need for repairs as well as the possible injuries you sustained.


truck accident lawyers in Brooklyn, NY

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While some of the accidents that occur involving these vehicles only result in property damage, there are plenty of times when the collisions are much more severe and leave a victim suffering from serious injuries. This can lead to medical bills piling up, the injured party unable to work and provide for their family, etc. Therefore, if you are faced with any of those circumstances, it would be in your best interest to allow a NY truck crash lawyer to assess your case to determine whether you should file a lawsuit. Not only can a lawyer push to have the company provide you with the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to receive, but also ensure that the negligent driver along with the company that allowed the vehicle to operate despite the unsafe condition it was in are punished.


So, if you are ready to learn more about how a Brooklyn garbage truck accident lawyer can help you during this unfortunate time, contact today. We will help you locate a reputable lawyer in the Brooklyn area who is more than qualified to provide you with the services you need.